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Good News Monday: The Shopping Edition

We had a crazy long weekend of shopping!  This used to be a necessary evil, but I’m enjoying it more and more as I work down to new low sizes.  Maybe TOO much.  ;-)  I mean, these clothes are only going to fit for a few months and then I’m going to need new ones again…  But it’s such a relief to find things that fit and look nice!

I bought a pair of shorts and capris on sale/clearance at Kohls thinking they’d be my drawer goal to work down to because they’re TWO sizes down from my current jean size.  However, the capris fit!  They’re even a little big in the waist (but most pants are that way for me right now until my butt and thighs catch up).  The shorts also fit – they’re just a little too tight to wear comfortably.  I’ll be wearing them sooner than later.

I also bought two new bras, down another size AND a cup size.  That Man wasn’t too happy about that one. :mrgreen:

I also hit a thrift store and bought another pair of capris and two more shorts one size down from my jeans.  Funny enough, none of them fit yet — but they’re not “W” sizes, so they’re cut differently.  I’ll save them in my goal drawer and hope they fit by summer.

RT shopping update:  I ordered two dresses from Kiyonna last week.  Crossing fingers they fit.  If they do, I need to order 2 more.  After hitting dozens of shoe stores, I finally found a pair of heels that I think won’t cripple me too badly (plantar fasciitis).  I also found two casual pairs that are super comfy.  All from the Clarks outlet store in Branson.  I wasn’t going to buy so many shoes, but oddly enough, I’ve gone down a size there too.  None of my old shoes fit any longer, and even my tennis shoes are a little big.  If I wear slippery socks, my foot definitely slides around a little, even in my new Nikes.  I don’t know if I was holding fluid in my feet/ankles or maybe I just had fat feet too!  I have gone up several sizes in shoes in the last 13 years – but I blamed it on pregnancy.  After each kid, I had to go up in shoes.  Maybe that was related to weight instead because I never completely lost the pregnancy weight gains in between kids and then continued to gain after the fact.

Other good news:

  • Turned in Vicki edits this morning (early!)
  • Started working on Tecun edits this morning, due 2/29.
  • Lost just enough to finally hit a new decade on the scale.  Not a huge loss but significant!
  • This is my last week of Power 90 level 1/2.  On March 1st I’ve decided to move up to level 3/4 for the last 30+ days.  I’m going to continue doing Power 90 right up until I need to leave for RT in April.  Then I’ll decide if I’m going to do another round of Power 90 or possibly move up to P90X.  *gulp*

I’ll update on Power 90 at 60 days later this week with final measurements and pounds lost!

What’s your good news today?

5 thoughts on “Good News Monday: The Shopping Edition

  1. “That Man wasn’t too happy about that one”
    *snerk* He’ll be fine. 😛 :mrgreen:

    Yay for all your success! (Good luck with Power90x if you decide to go for it! You can do it!) And for Tecun and Vicki edits!

    My good news is the plotting for Stars is going well.

  2. Four kids…went up a half a size with each one! Before kids a size 6, after kids a size 8 (though I can get away with a 7.5 in some heels). But YAY. That’s fabulous that you found shoes and clothes!

    Super awesome that edits are getting done and turned in and all us fans are closer to having published stories in our hot little hands :mrgreen:

  3. Only one of my feet grew from pregnancy. 🙄 I already have crazy-wide feet; having crazy-wide feet in two different sizes is a major bitch.

    My good news is that my novel-in-progress is almost to the end of Act I. And I’ve lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks on WW! :mrgreen:

  4. I along am so proud of you not only for your weight loss but all your amazing accomplishments. I for one know how difficult some make it for you to stay on track. The $3 story is priceless.

  5. Eeee! New clothes! Sis, you’re awesome!

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