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Good Riddance to May

Not only did I turn another year older, but my sister’s town was devastated by a tornado and my laptop was busted.  Plus I’ve had a major project in progress at the Evil Day Job, which was running late, stressing me out.  My husband is unemployed for the second time this year, and the kids got out of school.


MayNoWriMo is a bust.

Yet, there’s several rays of sunshine in this May of gloom.  I finally finished the pyramid sacrifice scene in The Bloodgate Warrior!  It only too me all stinking month to finish the scene…Sigh.  However, it’s a killer scene, one I’m very pleased to finish.  Now I have the big showdown ahead.  I plan to continue getting up D&E as much as possible, because with summer activities driving me nuts, I won’t have time at night to write.

I also finished a major component of the EDJ project today.  Woot!  Still have a lot to do, but the part that was like an albatross around my neck is finally DONE.  I collapsed in a huge heap Friday after working late, spent the weekend like a slug watching movies and cross-stitching, and finished up the last of my tasks today as I promised.  Whew.


2 thoughts on “Good Riddance to May

  1. When you list everything like that…well, ouch. Yay for getting the pyramid scene and the EDJ project done. Whoot!

  2. I’m glad the month wasn’t a complete bust and you did get some writing related things done.

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