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Goodbye, 2013–What’s Coming in 2014

I’m not sad to see the end of 2013.  It was a year fraught with change on both the Evil Day Job and the homefront.  I haven’t been able to do Dark & Early this fall since school started because we already have to get up at 5:45 just to get everyone to school in time.  Plus, our first year of high school and band camp, need I say more?

I’ve been trying to write more at night — which works just fine as long as I don’t use the opportunity to get caught up on *my* TV shows, like Project Runway, Almost Human, etc.  My gas tank runs on empty more often than not, but what’s new.

The Evil Day Job turmoil has hopefully slowed down and now I can concentrate on just getting the job done.  That was a lot of stress that simply sucked down my creativity levels and eroded my weight loss goals.  There are still changes ahead but I think the main core is in place.  I’ve GOT to get back to my weight loss goals, though.  I’ve really backslidden there.  Is that a word?  Anyway, ugh, and more hard work ahead.

My main goal for 2013 was MOAR WORDS and that didn’t quite happen.  I did finally get Lord Regret’s Price finished and published, so yay!  I also wrote The Billionaire Submissive, which will be out next June.  Two releases in 2013, currently two slated in 2014, pending acceptance of Mama Connagher (once I finish her story, which should be soon).  I’d really like 3-4 releases a year but it’s just been a struggle to balance everything.

I finally started a story that was inspired by RT 2012, thinking it was a novella (35K) that now I want to make a full-length longer book.  So good words–but not a finished project yet.

I definitely want to get my PNR series complete and ready for submission sooner than later too, but that’ll have to be after I finish Mama C.  I’ve done a lot of good work and planning on it — just need to get the first draft finished.

I’ve got a follow-up to The Billionaire Submissive started, as well as a shorter Christmas novella partway plotted in that series that would be ideal for the end of next year.  After I finish Mama C, I need to get Mal’s book figured out too.  That’ll wrap up the Connagher series.

A Jane Austen Space Opera series is in flux.  Sales just haven’t been that great.  I’ll be spending some time in 2014 trying to build a little broader exposure to the series (promo, ugh, a necessary evil) and hopefully wrap up Lady Wyre’s planned trilogy.  I’d really like to finally finish Deathright too but we’ll see how it goes.  I love this world so I definitely want to do some foundational exposure that will hopefully help.

Right now, my main concentration will be building the new contemporary series, finishing up the old contemporary series, and filling in with PNR and SFR as I’m able.  Building momentum, both in words and weight loss.  That’s my general goals for 2014!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2013–What’s Coming in 2014

  1. Excellent goals all, Joely. As always, I will enjoy seeing you achieve them. Though I certainly hope to be more present than I have been. 2013 was an interesting year for me, and took me in a direction I hadn’t planned but desperately needed. Unfortunately, it kept me from writing and blogging more often than not.

    Well, *I* kept me away from writing and blogging, but I’m making efforts to change that.

    Definitely hope to ‘see’ more of you in 2014. :mrgreen: Hopefully you’ll see more of me too.

  2. Yeah, not sorry to see 2013 go either. And I’m right there with you on the words and weight loss in 2014.

    Hope you and the family have a fabulous 2014, my friend!

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