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Halloween Giveaway: The Sweetest Kiss

The Sweetest KissLove sexy stories?  Love vampires?

I have a copy of The Sweetest Kiss, Ravishing Vampire Erotica up for grabs containing wonderful stories by my very own beloved sister, Molly Burkhart, aka G. B. Kensington, and my fabulous writing accountability partner, Jenna Reynolds, aka Anna Black.  The book will be signed by both authors (but not by all authors in the anthology).  To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this post and tell me something about your favorite vampires (or you can throw your name in the hat via e-mail at joely AT joelysueburkhart DOT com).  I’ll accept comments through midnight (CST) this Halloween, Oct. 31st  and announce the winner sometime on Nov. 1st (but NaNoWriMo will be going full steam, so be patient with me).

This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.  I do not retain your names or addresses (e-mail or snail) after the contest is over.

Who’s your favorite vampire?  Which movie?  Why do you like them?

12 thoughts on “Halloween Giveaway: The Sweetest Kiss

  1. Hi Joely! All my favorite vampires are in books-haven’t seen a vampire movie in ages that I enjoyed. In books, I tend to pick the vampires who have something different about them: Bones from Jeanienne Frosts series, Lynsay Sands Argeneau Vampires, Jonas from Blood and Sex Vol. 2. The only vampire in I liked in a movie would be the one Antonio Banderas playedin Interview With the Vampire.

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  3. I looked high and low for this in Barnes and Nobles when i was in Ft. Lauderdale but no cigar.

    Favorite Vampire…that’s hard! Probably Ivy Tamwood from Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan books. Just because she’s such a complex character. Movie I guess that would be ….Blade 1 & 2. Wesley Snipes, reow. :mrgreen: Although, technically, he was half-vampire. Minor details.

  4. You’re talkin my language, Soleil. I don’t just love Wesley Snipes, but boy, do I dig me some Blade. Mmmm.

    Don’t put my name in, Sis. *snerk* I’ll get my own copies sometime….

  5. My favorite vampire is Lucian from Christine Feehan’s book Dark Guardian. I like him because he is always thinking of others and is a very deep character.

  6. Nancy, did you try Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn books? Dark Need (Gabriel) is my favorite! I did enjoy Interview with the Vampire too — although I really can’t stand Tom Cruise!

    Hmmmm, I think Soleil needs a graduation gift! Or a birthday pressie? *G* Ooh, interesting, I’d forgotten about Ivy. I’ve read the first 3 books or so of that series but got behind. Wesley Snipes did make a fine vampire/hunter, definitely.

    Sis, I hope you get your copies soon!! I should have just given you MY copy and ordered another one!

    Mtr, I’m trying to remember if I read that one or not. Was he one of the dark legendary twins? If so, I think I did read it, but that was about the time I gave up on Feehan. I’d say my fave “Dark” one of hers was Dark Desire but I read them all for years.

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  8. Hey hon,
    my favorite vampire is Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. Man this one knows what to do with his fangs. Do I have to say more than chapter 32 of One Foot in the Grave? Oh my, that was just fangtastic. No wonder my laptop is called Bones now.LOL
    Hope you have a nice Halloween. I, unfortunately, have to work the whole evening but I will have a kind of party today so that’s ok.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. I’m a huge fan of J.R. Ward’s vampires! 🙂 They are very kick ass but still have human qualities to them. They are devoted to friends and family, which is highly likable. I also like that they don’t “prey” on humans but have females dedicated to that role. Very cool.

    And they are hot. 😉 Z is my favorite

  10. “I should have just given you MY copy and ordered another one!”

    Absolutely not, and considering the reason I haven’t gotten them, I’m not at all upset. A little longing to read the rest of the stories, but content to wait for the newest print run.

  11. Not much for the movies, though Jason Patrick and Keifer Sutherland were dreamy, back in the day! I’m more fond of the early to mid Anne Rice Lestat. It was the existential angst that got me, and Louis was the best at it, but Lestat was far more interesting all around. Louis got tooooo whiney. And the movie, pretty men, but not at all what had been in my head, so disappointed.

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