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Happy Birthday, Year 6 (late)

I can’t believe that I forgot my writing birthday this past September (2008).  I remembered in October or so, but then I was so deep into projects that I didn’t sit down and write up the annual post.

Looking back over 2009, I think the thing I’ll remember most is Revision Hell.  I spent a great deal of time revising projects and pushing them out the door.  I finally revised my first NaNoWriMo novel about half a dozen times and began submitting it.  I worked on Arcana’s revision — my first and only fast draft novel — only to realize I’ve still got some issues with it. 

Probably the biggest milestone of the past year was finishing the Shanhasson trilogy.  That dream has come full circle, the first dream, the first story that brought me to this path.   I hope to share that full dream with you in 2010.

Another major milestone was making my first sale to Samhain.  As I wrote last year, Dear Sir (Letters) pushed me to grow beyond my favorite genres of fantasy and science fiction flavored with romance.  Conn gave me the excuse to remember how much I love poetry (this is Dreaming in Rhyme after all), and now Victor will continue pushing me into 2010 (he’s got the riding crop handy in case I balk).

On the horizon, I see a new series simmering just out of the corner of my eye.  It’s a new combination of some of my very favorite things.  These include Deathright and Seven Crows, which I’ve blogged about briefly before.  They’re satire in a way — making fun of some tropes, but paying homage to them at the same time.  I can’t wait to get back to them in early 2010.

No luck this past year in the Great Agent Hunt, although I did have a close call.  I have queried, but I’ve been pretty selective.  I plan to re-evaluate my A-list around April/May next year and begin querying the new series with fresh eyes.  But my personal goals are changing a bit.  I want to build what I’ve already established.  I need to write the final Keldari novella, get the Shanhasson trilogy done, and then wrap up the Connaghers.  I love the flexibility I have right now.  I want to LOVE what I write and write my heart out.  If I can snag an agent in the process, then I’ll kill two birds with one stone, but either way, I’ll continue doing what I’m doing, which is hopefully writing stories that keep you up late at night, flipping just one more page, one more page, one more page.

While Gregar, Conn and Victor whisper in your ear.

Here’s to another year.  Hopefully I’ll actually remember my writing birthday on 9/30 next year!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Year 6 (late)

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  2. Congrats on Year 6 of writing. Here’s to many more! 😀

  3. Congrats on the writing Anniversary and good luck with Agent Hunt in 2010! :mrgreen:

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