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Happy (Late) 4th of July

I hope all my American friends have enjoyed their day of Independence.

I slept in — really needed it! — while That Man smoked a massive brisket and a huge family pack of chicken breasts.  I wasn’t sure how the chicken would come out (skinless, boneless), and it was a bit dry, but very tasty.  I marinated it in fresh orange juice, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil prior to smoking.

I wasn’t a big fan of the brisket.  Just too fatty and tough for me.  I like my brisket to fall apart, or to be so tender I can easily cut it with my fork.  Not so much today.

Our sides were all healthy.  I made spinach salad with a nonfat Greek yogurt/light Mayo dressing.  I skipped the hardboiled eggs and used just a fraction of the cheese I normally would — still tasted phenominal because it was extra sharp! — shredding it instead of dicing it so it’d go further.  I made mashed potatoes (their request) for the monsters, but grabbed some boiled potatoes for salad made with a similar light dressing.

I even got my Power 90 workout in today!   I’m in really good shape on points today.

I also worked on my website pages, getting ready for Tecun next month.  Ack, I just realized that I’ll be in MN at the home office the same week The Bloodgate Warrior releases, which will be craaazy.  I’m usually worthless on release days.  At least I’ll be stuck in training — where I’ll hopefully be forced into concentration!

You know what a trip to the home office means….

More shopping!  I have jeans and dresses (from RT in April), but absolutely no business casual other than a few skirts.  I really don’t want to wear panty hose unless I can’t help it.  I’m going to wait until the end of July, though, in hopes I might lose a bit more.

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