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Help! Romance Trading Cards

For years, I’ve been wanting to create trading cards for the Shanhasson series, but I couldn’t find Gregar.  Now I’ve got that sneaky Death Rider nailed down, I’m having a hard time finding Sig.  What is it about these assassins that make them so hard to find?  (For Gregar, it was his hair and I finally gave up.  For Sig, it’s his period Regency clothing!)

I’m going to try again, though, because of Romance Trading Cards.  What a cool idea!  I don’t plan to go to the big RT/RWA conferences this year, but I’d still like to have them.  Maybe I could get some kind soul to take them for me.  But I have to find the stock photos first.

That’s where you guys come in.  Please help me find Lord Sigmund Regret.  He’s a renowned assassin throughout the galaxy for as much as his clothing and manners as his killing ability.  He’s not a very young man — late twenties or early thirties.  The kicker:  he has blond hair.  Try and find a romance hero with blond hair.  Sigh.  It’s hard!  Now add period clothing.  Or even steampunk clothing.  Anything with a cravat or a vintage look will be acceptable.  I don’t want a generic man titty photo.  I’d prefer vertical, with as much of his gorgeous clothing as possible, but I’m flexible.

The catch:  it has to be from a stock photo site where I can buy the picture and download it for my promo use.  I have a membership at iStockPhoto and I’ll probably join ShutterStock since I found Lady Wyre from the cover there.  I can’t do general internet shots of models, movies, etc.  It has to be royalty free or I can’t use it.  I’m willing to join any of the major stock sites to get the RIGHT picture.

If you find Sig for me, I’ll give you a $20 gift certificate to the online bookstore of your choice.

5 thoughts on “Help! Romance Trading Cards

  1. How will we be able to obtain these cards once they are completed?

  2. Sheri, I’ll be glad to mail them out to people who request them — assuming I can find Sig!!

  3. Very cool idea. Gotta say Sig is hard to pin down and I’ve been keeping my eye out since the first read!

  4. Alright. Well, I went searching, and this is what I found:
    (There are a lot of images of him.)

    I hope you find the right picture somewhere! 🙂

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