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Homestretch: Day Eight

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Second Climax is done. All that remains is the final tying up of threads and the Resolution, then 3-4 scenes in the main villain’s POV. Likely another 5-7K. That’s IT. It will be a sweet birthday present indeed if I can finish this draft today, and I might be able to (including Theo’s POV) since I have the afternoon off.

Word Count (so far): 1460 3718 4854

I’ve already had a NaNoWriMAY with 54,301 56,559 57,695 words (including character interviews).

Favorite line (hard to find one with no spoilers): No, no, I will not stand here helplessly and watch him die!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
98,110 / 100,000

Edited (11:45 p.m.): I’ve reached “the end” of the main story line. Whoo-hoo!! Now I’ll be going back through and writing several scenes in the villain’s POV. At least 2 scenes are already sketched from a very old clunky first draft from 2003 that will need to be entirely rewritten, but at least I know what happens. At least one scene will be entirely new, so I might save it for the morrow, although I’m not calling it quits yet tonight.

Edited (12:30 a.m.): I got the last section of Theo’s POV reworked. I need to get that (new) scene with Stephan figured out before I can rework the middle, else I risk significant revisions through all sections. There are several little clues I need to drop, for both villains, and I’m not fresh enough to be clever. So Theo and Stephan will be in cahoots together tomorrow.

New best line and I know only Wanda and Molly will understand the significance, but it’s truly priceless. Or maybe I’m just punchy. That happens after the 10th cup of coffee.

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