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Homestretch: Day One

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Finally, I made it over the hump and I’m into the homestretch. For those in the know, at dawn, we leave the Plains for Dalden Bay and the final ride up the Road to Shanhasson, pretty much all of Act III (plus a little romantic interlude before all hell breaks loose).

Until I finish this draft, my posts are going to be brief and to the point. As far as word count, I’m guessing 100K for the first draft, but that’s minus my main villain’s POV. I’ll have to weave that through later. This is just the main story line. I’ve got to get Shannari to Shanhasson, and then bring her home safely to the Plains without too many lost. That’s my goal.

The hardest part over these next few days will be leaving the story for the real world when I have the scent of “the end.”

Today’s Word Count: (final) 4,836

Favorite line: “If anyone is to be Khul’lanna’s breakfast, it is I. You can be her midday morsel.”

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
76,964 / 100,000
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