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Howling Crazy

Join the Howl this weekend!

I’m in final crazy mode stressing out about getting all the final details for CoyoteCon worked out.  I’m not real thrilled with cometchat right now.  I still can’t get the Facebook plugin to work correctly and their emails so far have been frustrating to say the least (e.g. I can’t even get them to agree I have it installed where I and my hosting company have both confirmed!).  I will definitely be shopping for new chat software for next year.

Assuming I survive this year.

If you plan to come to Coyote Con this weekend, either set up a WordPress id (on or use Gtalk.  Those work.  I still can’t get Facebook to cooperate!

My last post was about Amish bread experiements.  I admit to giving up on the healthy aspect for this next batch… because no one would eat it.  Oh, I ate it, but I don’t need it and I don’t even really want it.  So to satisfy That Man’s sweet tooth, I went and bought the artificial pudding mixes and used plain old white flour instead of my delicious fresh-ground whole wheat.  I made a double batch (to use up as much as possible) and will be sending the extra loaf to work with him.  I’ll also plan to make up a loaf for my dad, but I’ll try making it healthy again for him.  He’s eaten even my most scary health-food creations!  (The last Amish bread made with whole ingredients wasn’t scary — just not as sweet and gooey as That Man wanted.)

Still slowly working on Lord Regret.  Most days I can get 500 words.  This morning, I only got 275… but it’s the first sex scene and those always give me trouble.  Dark and Early is still hard, but I’m still doing it.  If I don’t get my words in the morning, I just don’t get it done later.  I’m too busy.

I made Power 90 4 times last week.  The weekend was busy and I missed yesterday, but I made myself get back to it today.  Man, it’s soooo easy to fall back into bad habits… and incredibly hard to keep up new habits.  I kept telling myself “You’ll feel better after you work out.”  I finally did it, and yeah, I did feel better.  It’s just talking myself up into doing it!

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