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I’m Melting

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Nadia Lee’s blog talking about changes in my writing process over the years.

Sorry about my lack of blog posts lately.  I’m suffering from the dog days of summer.  Can’t seem to wake up early, can’t seem to stay up late, can’t focus.  Thank God the kids go back to school in two weeks, but that also means I have school shopping to finish.  I need to organize, clean out their drawers and their room, all of which is complicated by no central A/C.

Yes, we’ve been without A/C since Father’s Day.  Cross your fingers–Trane says they’ll get the part this week.  *sweats*  Of course, the heat index was 115 today.  *melts some more*  Even with a little window unit in my office over the garage, it’s been hitting 80 and worse in the afternoons.  No wonder I don’t have any energy.

Tomorrow, straight temp is supposed to be 100.

Yes, I’m melting.  Even my coffee consumption is down.  Bring on the iced tea!

2 thoughts on “I’m Melting

  1. I hear you Joely. Melting here and I have A/C, LOL

  2. Ouch. We’ve had a break, but still need the ac. hope things cool off.

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