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Innocence Lost

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There’s a poem I’m thinking of–by Wordsworth, I think–that sums up my current mood, but I couldn’t find it easily online. If I had Conn’s anthology, I’d look it up. *smirk*

Sorry for my tardiness here at the blog. I guess the whole hack defacement thing over the weekend just shook my core. Some desire to be visible on the internet has been lost. Invisibility is good. Nobody attacks you, then. Combine that with all the recent stress of the move, and I’m thinking fondly of a little cabin out in the wilderness with a coffee pot, high speed internet, and my laptop.

I was chatting with May today and she gave me a cool idea for a story. I think it’s a short story. What I told her is that I’ve been reading too much Stephen King. Laughs. Those severed hands get me every time.

I’m working on my workshop for Lynn Viehl’s Left Behind and Loving it…But ironically, I had titled it “E-Courtesy.” Ummm, after my blog was defaced, I’m not feeling the internet love much, you know? So I’m struggling to write it up. I really want to participate, though.

Numerical analysis has been on my mind a lot, and plotting, and graphing a story equation…but I don’t remember enough without really digging into interpolation and really, who cares? Such more touchable and straight-forward plotting metaphors have already been used. If you haven’t read it yet, take a look at PBW’s circuit comparison. It didn’t work for me (I’m not mechanically inclined at all), but it might shock something loose for you.

So bear with me. I’m working on getting my internet legs back.

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