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Is This Gregar?

A few more links to share with you!

My Beloved Sis sent me several links, including this one, because “he could definitely win an arse competition!”  Unfortunately, it’s not a royalty-free image.  I think she may have also found Sal, but again, sadly, we can’t use it in the final cards because it’s unlikely I’d be able to track down the rights (and probably couldn’t afford them either).

Again, a nice link from Bethanie but not royalty free:  Til Lindermann

Molly’s friend, Pesh, found a man who definitely has Gregar’s sense of humor.  Can’t you see this guy flipping up his memsha and shouting “kiss my arse?”  However, he’s a bit too pretty and of course has too many clothes for us to use him for a Sha’Kae al’Dan warrior.

Sherri found this guy, but egads, the pricing on this site is a killer!  I just guessed on the parameters, and it priced the image at over $1500!

This guy has the bod and a bit of attitude, but I don’t know if he’s right in the face.  Can Deena add hair and darken him up enough to give him Gregar’s dusky caffe skin with just a bit of cream?

So what do you think – are any of these Gregar?

8 thoughts on “Is This Gregar?

  1. have you googled royalty free stock photos? When I worked graphics, we used a few places, so they do exist. Have you looked at for example?

  2. Tammy, oh, yes, I’ve looked through so many royalty-free sites I’m nearly blind! istockphoto, bitstockphoto, fotolia. Nothing yet! Sigh. He’s being especially difficult to locate!

  3. Anything less than especially difficult wouldn’t be Gregar, now would it?

  4. “Anything less than especially difficult wouldn’t be Gregar, now would it?”

    Quoted for truth. For ABSOLUTE truth. *wink*

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  6. — check out post #3…not royalty free but sure reminded me of a certain scene and Gregar’s arse!

  7. “Anything less than especially difficult wouldn’t be Gregar, now would it?”

    Totally agree with Gutterball — of course not! 😆

    I, of course, will vote for dear Til, even though, honestly, I don’t think he’s quite good looking enough. But he’s got the bod and totally has the attitude (check out Rammstein live vids on youtube if you dare — be warned: they are not for the faint of heart)….

    joely, for your last link, can deena finesse his face at all? i think all he needs is the hair and a bit more of a smirk…

  8. If that’s Sal………..good LORD Shannari, how did you resist THAT?! 😳 😆

    I have to admit…he might be too pretty (hell, his HAIR is prettier than mine!) but I’ve liked Pesh’s suggestion the best so far. It’s the wickedness gleaming in his eyes. :mrgreen:

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