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I’ve been working hard on the new paranormal project, but I haven’t said much here about it.  I don’t want to jinx myself.  I certainly don’t want to leak the idea until I’m closer to submission.

Call it a feeling, intuition, a hunch.  I really feel like this is a big idea for me.  I have a very clear concept.  It fits my brand *perfectly*.  I was careful in setting this up to push all my personal buttons *and* still fit on the shelf… something I’m not always very good at (it’s only taken me 10 years to get to this point).  *rolls eyes*

There are also key symbols that could be used for marketing purposes, and I have a very solid idea for a trilogy plus more if it does well.  I’ve even found a stock image that I’m using as the background in Scrivener that gave me the central opening image, the color themes, and even mirrors the mythology.  It’s a dark, twisted, lush world that you haven’t seen before.  Or at least, I’ve never read anything like it.  Even the NAME of the series is catchy and unique.  A word I made up myself just for this series.

That’s why mum’s the word.

You see, I’m not always a very fast writer.  I can write fast *sometimes*… as I did with The Billionaire Submissive.  But other books are slower.  They can’t be rushed.  This one… I’m feeling my way through the opening scenes.  Molly’s the only one who’s seen what I have so far, and she gave me the thumbs up.  I’m not saying anyone would copy the idea – that’s not what I mean at all.  But there’s a weird kind of synergy sometimes where writers all over the world can dip into the Well and come up with very similar ideas without ever talking to each other.  The less I talk about it, the less I hope that can happen.  It’ll break my heart if someone beats me to market with a similar idea.

I want to get this first book done by the end of the year.  Once I have the first draft done and I have a feeling for how good it is, I’ll start sharing.  But for now, know that I’m working hard, and I’m in love with the idea.

I’ve cleared 10K for the month so far, just a little ahead of schedule.  My goal’s at least 30K.  Hopefully the PNR will pick up speed as I edge into Act 2.  Molly and I are still working on the collaboration too, a back and forth game that’s keeping us both hopefully engaged.  We’re not writing as fast as we were in July, but I’m really digging what we’ve got so far.

I booked the rest of my vacation for the year.  None in September (since I’m on call).  I’m also the primary night on call person next month (grooooaaaaaans) but I’m taking two days in early October for mental health.  Watch out November and December though.  I’ll be grinding through 112 hours of vacation, including a week off at Thanksgiving and Christmas, each.

I can’t wait!!

2 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. Tease! I completely understand though. It’s one of the things I took from reading Stephen King’s On Writing, while drafting keep the door closed. Still, for you to post about it and not say a word about it…tease 😉 I’m completely intrigued and can’t wait to hear more/read it.

    And way to go on the wordage!!

  2. Don’t worry, Sis. Mum’s the word! *zips lip*

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