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Jody Wallace’s Dreamwalkers

I’m pleased to have Jody Wallace on my blog today – with a twist!  Instead of ME interviewing HER, she asked me some cool questions.  Her Dreamwalkers books are on sale until Feb. 5th and she’s offering signed copies and some really cool prizes!

Disciple72lg-200x300 Tangible72lg-200x300DREAMWALKERS INTERVIEW

The premise of the Dreamwalkers series is that certain human brains are so vivid that their nightmares can come to life and eat people. The heroes and heroines (so far) are the folks who fight these monsters and hide their existence from the rest of the world. Oftentimes these nightmares take the shape of popular culture creations, but sometimes there are classics.

1) What are the scariest movies, TV and books you can think of?

I LOVE horror movies – but they don’t really scare me. I’m more scared about things that could happen in real life, especially something happening to my kids.  So in that regard, I’d say that the original Poltergeist is scary.  The way JoBeth Williams fights to save her kids gets me every time. When little Carol Anne says “No more,” ugh, it gives me goosebumps. I almost always cry when she takes her first breath in the tub after JoBeth brings her back.

2) What monsters do you think your brain would create or has created in your books? (Caveat: real world human monsters don’t tend to get created, just things like vampires and mega spiders, and the size of the monster tends to be between 3-12 feet. If your nightmare is more of an “event”, like falling or appearing in public naked, I bet there’s a monster that represents that kind of horror!)  

I know you said most of the monsters are big – but one of the most horrific real life things I’ve ever seen/had to do was scrape lice out of my baby’s hair. Those wiggling creatures feeding on her, buried in her sweet-smelling hair…. UGH.  It happened years ago and still gives me the heebie jeebies.  So my monster would be something that lived on my kids and slowly devoured them.

3) What kind of dreamwalker hero or heroine do you think would be required to dispatch your nightmares? (Romance optional!)

A big sexy hunk with a gentle hand on a fine-toothed comb to get all those crawlies off my baby!

4) Bonus question: What pop culture monsters do you think the dreamwalkers have the most trouble killing?

Hackers and spammers.  They’re monsters, aren’t they?


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