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July Review and August Goals

My July goals….  Not so great.  🙁

  • First pass revision for The Bloodgate Warrior, with initial read thru and notes this holiday weekend.  Not even started.
  • Keep moving on Phantom with about 500 words a day. I’d like to finish the first draft this month but the list is long. I’ll be happy with August.  Decent progress until I got sick.
  • Make initial edit pass for Vicki with Editor Tera’s notes.  Good progress – all changes made except new chapter.  Slowly working through it but I need another day or two.
  • Write at least 3 more scheduled guest blog posts.  Done.
  • Write a short story that’s percolating, tentatively “Ritual Ink”. Guessing about 3K.  No further progress yet.  Need to check my deadline!
  • Keep planning promo for Golden and print Victor in September.  Good progress, continuing.
  • Walk 15 miles.  Not done – sick.
  • Start Tony Horton’s Power 90 strength portion only, shooting for 3x a week —> 12 workouts. If I survive, I’ll add the cardio portion in August!  Not done – sick.
  • Participate in Romance Biggest Winner.  Continuing!
  • Keep losing weight – but I’m not going to say a number because it’s totally out of my control. That’s like saying, “Get an agent this year.” I can query x agents every month…but I can’t make one say yes. I’ll work my plan and exercise — I’ll get to goal eventually. I’m averaging about 1 pound a week right now, so if I lose 4-5 pounds, I’ll be happy.  Great progress – lost 7.6 pounds (sure that being sick contributed!)
  • Not originally listed:  update my website!  Thanks to Dawn at Book Graphics, I have a new header, which enabled me to switch to a nice new template.
  • I also got all the school shopping done!  Wheeeee!

 August Goals:

  • Finish Vicki’s edits in the next few days and send to my editor.  Due by August 15th.
  • Finish first pass of revisions on The Bloodgate Warrior.
  • Write the first draft of Ritual Ink (short story).
  • Pick up Phantom again and get back to work, 500 words a day.
  • Release of Golden, August 29th.  Means lots of blog posts, etc. to write this month!
  • GET BETTER.  I went back to the doctor today and I’m on another round of antibiotics to make sure I get all the crackle out of my lungs.  Bad news:  now Littlest Monster has the beginnings of pneumonia on the right side.  Luckily we knew exactly what to watch for and got her on antibiotics immediately.
  • Since I’ve been sick, I’m going to slowly work back into exercising.  I’m not going to set a mileage goal, but simply stay “return to activity.”
  • If I can lose 3 more pounds this month, I’ll hit the big 5-0!
  • Get the kids back to school.

What are your goals this next month?

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