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Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Each year for our wedding anniversary (21 years on the 23rd), we go to Joplin, see a movie, visit my beloved sister, and top off the day with dinner at Mythos, my all-time favorite restaurant, while Papa from Mexico comes down to watch the monsters.

This year, we decided that instead of seeing a movie, we’d start–and finish–our Christmas shopping.  We’re always late (which is why I always take time off BEFORE Christmas, not after), but we’re later than ever this year.  I’d only bought 3 gifts, although I did have the monsters’ pictures taken months ago and planned to give several away for gifts (no frames yet).  We hadn’t even decided on what the monsters would be getting until the day or so before.

The main drag in Joplin is Rangeline and it was absolutely bumper to bumper all stinking day long.  If I had a dollar for each time we drove up and down Rangeline looking for a shop, I could retire from the Evil Day Job.  We both used to live in Joplin many years ago, and That Man often hits Joplin for his job, but we only rarely ever SHOP there.  We couldn’t remember exactly where the GameStop was, or how far down Best Buy is (down by the Mall, Lord help us).  Traffic is always horrendous but it was worse than ever on the last Saturday before Christmas.

In the end, we hit Wal-Mart twice, Best Buy, 2 game shops, 2 western-wear shops, and Walgreens, and only “almost” rear-ended someone 3 times.   All I have left to do this week are picture frames, two nephews’ gifts, and the clothing shopping for each monster (MIL always gives us money to buy clothes for the monsters–since I know their sizes–which I then wrap and take over Christmas Day so she can see what they got). 

I’d also like to get some hand-made gifts finished (hahaha, I know, I’m running out of time) and the monsters would like to make some kind of ornament again.  Last year we did salt-dough ornaments that they painted.  This year, I think we’ll do the cinnamon-glue ones.

No, we didn’t do cards.  I always mean to, but we’ve had so many card-tastrophes over the years, I’ve just given up.  My BIG chore for this week will be the post office on Monday to mail out the last of the ARCs!!

4 thoughts on “Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

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  2. my ornament from last year never got into the christmas storage, so every time I saw it I thought of you and the monsters. I need to go to the p.o. tomorrow too. 😎

  3. I am so glad I am done with the Christmas shopping! Cards are mailed so I am done, no more holiday stress! I hope you have a good day!

  4. Yay, I’m glad you’ve gotten use out of them, Ann! I’ll probably be including a new one to you this year when I get your package in the mail!

    Oh, Marissa, I wish I were done! I guess I’m close, and I’m not doing cards. But still have to get through big Christmas Eve dinner and then Christmas Day too. Sigh.

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