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Launch Vicki’s Line Contest

I need your help!

If you’ve been reading Vicki’s snippets the past few weeks, you know that she’s trying to launch her own fashion line in Dallas, TX.  I have the event planned for the unveiling, and I know exactly how she’ll promote the line on VCONN, Victor’s (her brother) risque cable channel that is featured in his book, Hurt Me So Good (unofficial title), but I have one big problem.

I don’t know the NAME of her line.

Is it just her name?  A special V?  I don’t think so.  The V is special to Victor, very crucial to his story, so I don’t want to over do it.  I want something special to VICKI, that’s allll hers.  It should help me tell her story and reveal another facet of her character.

Obviously, this name is very important, and so far, I’m drawing a blank. 

That’s where you guys come in.  After reading the snippets, what would you name Vicki’s fashion line? 

Comment on this post as many times as you like.  I’ll take each name and pool them together, and on April 1st, I’ll pick one for a prize: a signed copy of Dear Sir, I’m Yours, the beginning of the Connagher stories. 

If one of you really nails the line’s name and I end up using it in Vicki’s story, I’ll thank you in the dedication, assuming of course, that Vicki is someday contracted.  I’ll also give you a free e-copy of Victor’s book when it’s released, a signed copy of Victor’s print book when it’s released, and the same for Vicki’s book (again, assuming it’s contracted).  Whew!  Edited to add:  and of course, I’ll send you a signed copy of Dear Sir, I’m Yours, too, and hook you up with an electronic version if you don’t have it.

This contest is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.

6 thoughts on “Launch Vicki’s Line Contest

  1. Off the cuff…first thought is something about following one’s dreams/desires/passions, of changes/changing

    Hmm…will have to give this more thought.

  2. Veracious Fashions

  3. I have several ideas with possibly even more to come…here it goes

    Verdict, Vindication…goes along with the V theme with a little bit of law thrown in
    Torn…Torn between to lovers, between to career paths, between what she ‘should’ do and what she wants, and obviously torn fabric

    That’s it for now. If I think of any more I’ll drop them by.

  4. Vixen

  5. Thanks, guys, I appreciate your ideas!

  6. vivacious

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