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Long Way Down

Something clicked and as of July 1st I’ve been writing like a mad person.  This week has been especially bad.  I mean good, but it’s bad too.  My wrists are killing me.  I keep having eye strain headaches.  I’m staying up too late.  I don’t want to stop and cook dinner.

I’ve already written 38,900 words this month.  Yes.  I know.

I’ve had some of the biggest days of my writing career ever this week.  Almost 8K one day, then almost 9K yesterday.  Over 5K today.  All on the same story.  It’s one I’ve never posted about here.  I had the idea and then just whammo.  Like Lady Blackmyre, the characters just showed up.  I started taking dictation.  Now it’s just a matter of getting it all down before I forget.

Or before my wrists give out.

Even better, I also have good wordage in another story that I’m working on with my beloved sister, Molly.  I’m actually a little behind this week on it after this huge flood on the new idea.  And yes, I still plan to get back to Mama C and the new idea as soon as I can.

But for now, I’m deep in the well and I’m not looking to drag myself out anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Long Way Down

  1. Heheh, make hay while the sun shines, Sis. I can wait. I’d much rather you get tons of words than maybe lose the magic trying to force a different story to cooperate!

  2. Wow! And just after you were lamenting only getting 8k in June. Isn’t the ebb and flow of it all crazy?

    Enjoy the flow (but sleep in your splints)!

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