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Lord Regret’s Price: An Update

I’m still writing Dark & Early 4 days a week and getting at least 1K in most days.  I’m on the verge of the climax but not quite there yet.  I’ve got Sig’s dreadful past figured out.  I know who contracted him.  I know what the Empress has planned.  I even know that Majel is closer than any of them suspect.

Yet I’m still not done.

And the book is just shy of 60K.  Yep, that’s twice as long as Lady Doctor Wyre.

There’s just so much more to investigate and explore this time around.  I’ve got Sig’s issues to deal with.  Lady Wyre’s learning more about the side effects of her invention.  Majel’s desperate enough that she might even consider letting her old enemy live if only so she can help her stop what’s happening.  Then there’s the worldbuilding necessary for Zijin.  I’m so glad that I’d already done quite a bit of research for Golden (although that was based more on the Tang Dynasty), so I had a good idea of the flavor and elements I wanted to build on.

I’m getting there, but deep down, I fear this book may never end.  I keep hoping that one day I’ll sit down and spew out 3-5K and finish the damned thing, but it hasn’t happened yet.

And I still have to get through edits before it’s fit for my editor’s eyes.

So the last few days of February are winding down and it’s all Sig, all the time.  I’m going to have to shelve the other novella I was hoping to finish by the 3/1 deadline because I don’t even have the first draft finished yet.

Sig is more important.  I *have* to finish.

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  1. Eeee! I’m glad this one’s turning into a full novel! I absolutely LOVED Lady Doctor Wyre and wished it was longer, so this is just wish fulfillment, here. Woot!

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