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Lord Regret’s Price: Update

After the big day last Thursday, I had hopes that I’d finish the book this weekend, but we were busy as always with basketball (the last weekend for games!!) and family stuff.  However, I’ve chipped and chipped away, gradually finishing the fourth to last scene.  I’m about midway through the next big scene.

But it’s BIG.  This is the showdown with Majel, the climax where everything hits the fan at the same time.  It’s going to take a couple of smaller scenes between various POVs to get the whole thing done.  I’m still playing a few things by ear, letting them unfold slowly as I work.  There are still surprises popping up that I didn’t expect.

Despite very little sleep all weekend, I made it D&E this morning to break 66K.  I WILL finish the first draft this week.  But it’ll need another week or two of revisions before I’ll be willing to send it onward.

Now hoping I don’t get the wicked cold that’s keeping Littlest Monster home from school today…

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