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Make Me Write the Book – Part 1

Great minds think alike – I see that Lynn Viehl is planning a similar blog event with Tell Me What To Write 10.

As part of The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch release this month (all proceeds in 4th quarter 2012 are going to Joplin Recovery), I thought it’d be fun if you guys get to help me decide what the next Zombie Category Romance should be.  (Caveat:  I have to finish Lord Regret’s Price before I can write this, but I’ll be using NaNoWriMo to work on both if need be!)  There are soooooo may fun titles to warp.  I mean, play with.

While I was searching for stockphotos for Yiorgos’s cover, I stumbled across an image that really spoke to me.  I knew I could do something fun with it in the ZCR world, but I wasn’t sure what.  The possibilities were endless.  So I decided to bring you guys in on the fun and let you help me define which story I would write.

The first step was to commission Silviya to create another incredible cover.

Oh, all that red hair.  That flirtatous attitude.  She’s planning something very, very wicked, don’t you agree?

No Greek tycoon zombie for her.  No, I decided she was involved with an Egyptian (or some made up Middle Eastern) mummy.

She’s even wearing a large ring.  I’m sure she’s the head of her family.  That means she’s a very powerful witch.

But again, the possibilities are endless.  What are her powers?  Is she cursing the hero… or is she going to break a centuries old curse and free him?  Is the revenge hers… or his?

You decide! 

First up, we’ll work on the title.  I have several possibilities in mind that I’ll list below.  Vote for your favorite by making a comment on this post before Oct. 15th (or feel free to write in your best suggestion in the comments).  The title with the most votes wins!

Prizes:  in two parts.

1. Anyone who comments will be entered to win a Hope for Joplin T-shirt I’m having printed by BigfishTees.  They raised over $170,000 for Joplin by selling these shirts!  I’ll ship this shirt anywhere in the world.

2. For the commenters who voted for the winning title, I’ll draw one name out of the hat.  You’ll be listed in the acknowledgements of this currently untitled book.

Here are the possible titles we can play with.  Again, if you have a better idea, throw it out in comments.  To vote, comment on this post with your favorite title!

1. The Merciless Mummy’s Revenge

2. To Love and Curse

3. A Passionate Curse

4. Beauty and the Mummy

5. The Vengeful Mummy’s Secret Baby

6. The Mummy’s Captive Witch

(Don’t forget, you can still enter to win a $25 gift certifcate too.)

13 thoughts on “Make Me Write the Book – Part 1

  1. Oh, what a fun idea! (And that Cover! Gooooooorgeous!!) I like “The Mummy’s Captive Witch” for the sake of keeping it in line with the previous book. (Although I’m also partial to “A Passionate Curse”). Never been particularly good with coming up with titles, so I’ll leave that to better suited minds. :mrgreen:

  2. Oh, man. I’m getting vibes of that old 80s movie “Mannequin” crossed with Indiana Jones (but as an infamous graverobber instead of a legit archaeologist). He takes her ring right off her finger as he loots her sarcophagus, which brings her back to life. She is indeed a powerful witch, capable of giving him every wealth he ever dreamed of… if he can ever break the curse of the wrath he awakened when he puts on her ring instead of giving it back.

    The Curse of the Graverobber’s Mummy – dun dun DUUUNNNNN!!

    I seriously envy that red hair, though. *sigh* Would that I were that fiery!

  3. The Mummy’s Desert Princess
    Wrapped in His Arms
    The Forgetful Mummy (amnesia story, I swear those are making a comeback)

    And out of your choices I like The Vengeful Mummy’s Secret Baby.

  4. Since Molly mentioned grave robbing, what if she’s a thief or a PI specializing in lost objects? And her powers help her locate all sorts of goodies that other people would rather keep hidden?

    And ooo, I like Sheri’s title ideas. Especially the first one.

    1. Ooohhh… I like this, SJ!

  5. What a beautiful cover!!

    I like
    ~The Mummy’s Captive Witch
    ~ Beauty and the Mummy


    1. These are my favorites, too. 🙂

      And with hair like that, all I can think for her powers is Somethig fashion related. Not really sure how that would work, though…

  6. I have to vote for “The Vengeful Mummy’s Secret Baby”. It has the same WTF pizzazz that makes “The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch” so intriguing. :mrgreen:

    Although I suppose it begs the question: who is the secret baby? The hero? Heroine? An actual baby borne by the heroine??

    I’m not sure what to suggest for the heroine’s gift should be. There’s a reason I don’t write paranormals. I like the “finding lost objects” idea.

  7. Maybe the “lost object” is the secret baby!
    *cue twilight zone music*
    :mrgreen: Shutting up now.

  8. 5. The Vengeful Mummy’s Secret Baby does go with the first book.

  9. The Cursed Mummy’s Red-Haired Witch

  10. I like “The Mummy’s Captive Whitch” myself. Maybe have her not realize that she has her powers back with the ring. So many possiblities!!

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