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Manic Plotter

My work on Vicki’s synopsis has been temporarily blindsided by a new project.  Unscheduled — but necessary, and it makes sense to do this sooner than later.  I’ve been researching like mad and plotting on paper with green ink — the green is significant for this particular character.  Tonight, I got a first draft of the plot and I’ve already thought of a few more things I need to add, nice little details that will make this story richer.

And it all started from a half-walking dream I had a couple of nights ago.

No, I haven’t been sleeping very well, why do you ask?  *wry grin*

I feel a Fast Draft coming on, because I’d really really like to get this project done quickly.  Anyone up for a quick, hard, and dirty first draft race later this month?

6 thoughts on “Manic Plotter

  1. Me! I had one of those half waking dream things too. Don’t have a plot yet, but I think that’s because I demanded that the muse keep it SHORT so I would actually finish it. She’s working on that. I hope…

  2. Wish I was at that point in a project. Mind if I borrow Grager for a few? *wink*

  3. I’m starting a project today that has to be done by the 15th of may either way (anthology submission) so I’ll be doing it either way. But a race with other people would be fun. Keep me in the loop.

  4. Oooo, can’t wait to hear more about the new!shiny! I’ve never once dreamed about my stories…the dreams I remember are usually of the bad or the too surreal to make any sense of variety.

  5. so naturally the muse shows up with the actual idea in the middle of the night last night — nice and short and finishable, just like i asked for (demanded…) and everything…. sheesh! guess that means i gatta write it….

  6. Bethanie, definitely, you’d better get busy!

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