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Once upon a time, I refused to buy a fantasy tome if it didn’t have a nice map in the front of the book.

So of course I have maps of the Shanhasson world — which if you read yesterday’s post, you know I had a tiny bit of a panic situation. I drew new copies in ink so I could scan them easier for Deena, so I thought I’d upload them and show off my very meager (aka lousy) cartography skills.

If anyone can recommend an easy to use map drawing software, shout it out, please.

This is the main map of the region including the Green Lands, the Sea of Grass, and Keldar. Keldar is familiar if you’ve read Survive My Fire; the other countries will be introduced in The Rose of Shanhasson.

This is a close-up map of Shannari’s homeland, Allandor, a country in the loose federation known as the Green Lands. While raised in Rashan, she’s the Last Daughter and fights for the High Throne in Shanhasson.

I really, really, really wish I could draw!

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