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MayNoWriMo: final prep

I ended up editing all of my character sheets again yesterday, as well as creating a new one for the secondary character I mentioned.  I also revised the setting sheet for the castle to give it more character and detailed its long, impressive history.  I clarified the conflict between the two major groups of magic practioners.  I tracked all the new little themes and details all the way through the outline in multiple passes, making notes by hand on the pages.

Today, I will sit with the outline and daysheet open, and then make the final pass.  I’ll transcribe all my notes into the main file, and sync it with the daysheet to reflect any new scenes I decided to add.  I’m sure to break 100 sections for this story. The outline is sitting at 12,327 words right now (including the section heading on each page detailing POV, setting, etc).  I bet it’ll break 15K by the time I add all the notes I’ve made this week.

After that, the only thing left to do is print everything out and update my binder, and try to hit the sack early tonight.

I’m setting the goal of finishing this revision by June 30th.  I know that’s probably at least 100K in two months, but my production always goes down in the summer.  I need to get this story done and then sit back and relax through July and August, working at my leisure on worldbuilding the new sci-fi stories and polishing Arcana, getting it ready for submission.  I did finish Return to Shanhasson for NaNoWriMo by Christmas (I think 104K), so this should be doable — if a bit insane.

Yes, I started sleeping in my wrist splints again and have a nice stash of Caribou Coffee.

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  1. :mrgreen: WOO-HOO! So looking forward to seeing your daily progress with this. Insane, maybe, but goodness woman, do you ever make it work! Enjoy the Coffee, it will no doubt be needed. Here’s to hoping you have great fun in May and that you hit your target on June 30th.

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