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Whoa, talk about perfect timing:  MayNoWriMo!  I’m totally doing this to help me get through Arcana Revision Hell.  I have a feeling that I’m going to need all the help and motivation I can get!


8 thoughts on “MayNoWriMo

  1. Is this for real? I need to join up. Need some words done before June 26th.

  2. Oh perfect!! I’m not quite halfway through my draft of SLM and I had wanted to have it finished by June 6th or so, so this could be the push I need 🙂

  3. Good luck to ya’ll!

  4. Amy, I signed up, so it’d better be real! I hope you join us!

    Jess, wonderful! I hope you join!

    Thanks, Soleil — let the insanity continue! 😯 😆

  5. Hey! Good luck with Maynowrimo. I’m back, did you miss me? :mrgreen:

  6. ANN’S BACK! *cheers whistles* Hope you had a great time and got to hang out with Larissa at least a little while!

  7. It was great. I did get to hang out with Larissa, and a whole passel of other folk (Sasha is a blast to hang out with). I also got you a whole bunch of stuff. Next year is Columbus Ohio, and I’m already planning to go. :mrgreen:

  8. […] the latest challenge, which is MayNoWriMo.  Apparently it’s an LJ community.  I saw that Joely is participating, and while I’m following HER progress (which is always astounding because I know she’s […]

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