Ah, May!  Spring is here and the kids (monsters!) are still in school.  Let’s have a crazy writing month!  While NaNoWriMo may be more popular and better known, working writers may need pushes throughout the year, and so MayNoWriMo was born.  (Plus, you get one extra day in the month!)

What is MayNoWriMo?  A writing challenge for one month.

When?  May, 2010

Where?   A temporary yahoo group set up specifically for this challenge.  The group will be disbanded in June–no long term commitments.  Guest authors will be posting on their blogs throughout the month with the intent to motivate, encourage, and inspire!

Why?  Maybe you have a deadline.  Maybe you need a push to finish the current book.  Maybe you dread having the kids home all summer and need a headstart on a new project.  Maybe you want to win a prize.

Wait, did I say prizes?  Yes!  Everyone who completes MayNoWriMo will be entered to win some fabulous prizes (below).

Who can join?  Anyone!

I’m sure the first question you’re asking is:  Do I have to write 50K in one month?  The answer is:  no!  MayNoWriMo is about setting a challenging goal FOR YOU.   You can revise an old project, continue an existing draft, whatever goals you need to accomplish in May.  The goal should be challenging for you — but you don’t have to write 50K.  If your goal is to complete a partial and submit by the end of the month or revise last year’s NaNoWriMo novel, go for it!

Fun activities planned through the month include word wars and guest authors to help inspire and motivate you!

The Rules:

  • Set a personal yet challenging goal.  Part of the fun of NaNoWriMo is the “impossibility” of the challenge.  Make it tough — but attainable — for you!
  • The goal must be measurable (so I can easily determine who “wins” MayNoWriMo and can enter you in the prize pool).  e.g. Revise 100 pages, write x words, or submit y queries on Project X.  Or a combination of goals.
  • Join the yahoo group when it opens.  Participate as time allows:  chat, encourage, motivate — there are all sorts of positive side effects from this kind of challenge.  Take advantage of the group synergy to help you succeed!
  • Record your goal prior to May 1st.  (method to be determined)
  • Report your progress after May 31st to be entered in the prize pool.
  • Regular progress reports are encouraged but not required.  Once a week, small prizes will be awarded, drawn from the participants who made a progress report.

The Prizes (this list will grow!)

  • A writing craft or research “book wish” up to $30 donated by Joely Sue Burkhart.
  • Critique of a partial (first three chapters plus a synopsis for MayNoWriMo novel only) offered by Deena Fisher of Drollerie Press.
  • One-page critique of a partial (first three chapters of MayNoWriMo novel only) offered by Alissa Davis of Carina Press
  • Download of one e-book donated by Joely Sue Burkhart.
  • Download of one e-book donated by Leslie Dicken.
  • Download of ZERAH’S CHOSEN by Isabelle Santiago
  • Download of DEVIL FALLS by Angelle Trieste
  • Download of CURSE by Elisa Diehl
  • Download of SWEET SPOT by Jenna Reynolds
  • Download of ELLORA’S CAVEMEN: JEWELS OF THE NILE vol 1 by Jenna Reynolds
  • Signed print copy of DEAR SIR, I’M YOURS donated by Joely Sue Burkhart
  • Signed print copy of THE ROSE OF SHANHASSON donated by Joely Sue Burkhart
  • Signed print copy of BEAUTY TEMPTS THE BEAST donated by Leslie Dicken.
  • Signed print copy of SECOND CHANCES by Denise McDonald
  • Signed print copy of THE COWBOY PLAN (June 2010 release) by Denise McDonald
  • Signed print copy of FOX’S Bride by Amy Ruttan

Guest Authors

Now taking slots.  Authors, contact me and I’ll list you here and get you scheduled.

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14 thoughts on “MayNoWriMo

  1. Where do I sign up?? 😛

  2. Ceri, if you’d like to sign up as a sponsor or guest, just e-mail me (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com). I’m working on getting the challenge participant yahoo group set up now — so stay tuned! I’ll update this page with the link once the group is live.

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  4. Yaaay! sign me up, sign me up! I need this so badly after Script Frenzy turning into a massive flop *hangs head* I am still on Page 1… 🙁 not a screen writer, not I…

  5. […] will include a yahoo group, the encouragement of your peers, and prizes! For more information check out Joely’s blog. Our virtual mini-con will also encourage you (we hope), as you write toward your goal. You […]

  6. Can’t wait! i’ve been brainstorming alot this April so hopefully i’ll be ready when May hits

  7. […] visiting my fellow Drollerie author Joely Sue Burkhart and participating in her forthcoming MayNoWriMo event! Unlike with the actual NaNoWriMo, you don’t have to aim for 50,000 words–but you […]

  8. I’d like to participate. I’ve just gotten back into writing fiction after 12 years away from it, so darn near any goal I could set is going to be challenging. 🙂

  9. Membership is now pending for the yahoo group MayNoWriMo. Looking forward to challenging myself.

  10. Wow, Francine, you’re fast! Let me get a few more things finalized and I’ll approve you.

  11. I’m going to finish a NaNoWriMo that didn’t get done in a previous year. 😈

  12. […] rest of the month is going to be spent on reading and doing MayNoWriMo. I have some simple goals for the challenge and for the rest of the year. I plan to do a book […]

  13. […] wanted to just drop in from the madness that is MayNoWriMo (good madness, as I’ve written over 3k so far, but madness none the less), and remind you all […]

  14. […] Mayo and MayNoWriMo.  MayNoWriMo 2010 was the brain child of Joely Sue Burkhart.  She rounded up authors to do guest posts and prize donationsfor the month long event.  Like Writo de Mayo, writers came up with a writing related goal and gave […]

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