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Missed Opportunites

I just don’t understand it when an author in today’s day and age has NO internet presence.  None!  How can that happen – especially when I was looking at only electronic works?

Seriously, people, have a bio somewhere that lists an email, a free wordpress blog, SOMETHING.  It’s not that hard.  So you hate Twitter and Facebook, fine!  Why not update your GoodReads profile to include an email address?  Or your Amazon author page? 

Look at all those missed opportunities when someone reads your story and wants to see what else you might have published, even if it’s “just” a short story.  Or what about fan mail?  There’s nothing better than fan mail!  It makes all those rejections and revisions seem so less painful when even one reader takes the time to write you a personal note.

If they can’t find you, you’ll never know how much they loved your work.  You’re missing the chance to make a personal, real connection with a reader.  Why would you want to miss out on that opportunity?

(Even Conn would at least have an email address listed on the university website – even if he never reads it!!)

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  1. I’d love to leave some witty comment about Conn not reading his email but I haven’t had my coffee yet :mrgreen:

    This goes along with Kristen Lamb’s advice about not using cute monikers on blogs and Twitter because “writer_chick” won’t be on the book’s cover. Sorry you couldn’t find the author, that is frustrating.

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