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Monster Pictures

Last night was Littlest Monster’s big night:  she graduated from kindergarten!  Here are a few pictures from the big event.  My Dad – aka Papa from Mexico (he worked in Mexico for about two years when the monsters were little and the name stuck) drove all the way back down here for the event (1 1/2 hour drive one way) despite being in Springfield earlier in the day to take my Grandpa to a doctor’s appointment.  Princess Monster isn’t pictured since she had her first Karate for Christ lesson last night.

Littlest Monster Graduates from Kindergarten
Littlest Monster Graduates from Kindergarten
Middle Monster hams it up
Middle Monster hams it up
The Monsters love their Papa
The Monsters love their Papa

9 thoughts on “Monster Pictures

  1. Awww too cute. Papa from Mexico, LOL!! That’s just like my grandfather, we called him Grampa with the Pussycat, long after the cat croaked.

  2. Love the girls’ dresses! They both look very cute and clean! (Hey, clean is a big deal when you have boys. Trust me on that one.)

  3. Great pics! What little sweethearts.

  4. Amy, that is too funny! I know what you mean, though!

    Thanks Krista and Rene — I guess there are sweethearts beneath all that monster-ness! At least they *look* sweet, huh? :mrgreen:

  5. Congrats to the littlest monster on her graduation. Cute pictures. 😎

  6. Huh. Those people look familiar.


  7. Good gravy, woman! Put some bricks on those things! I can’t believe how
    fast they’re growing. It’s insane!

    Congratulations, LM! You’re going have so much fun in first grade!

  8. Such pretty dresses, especially love Middle Monster’s! And her hair cut = CUTE.

    Sorry, had to get the girlish tendencies out of the way. 😎 I’m good now. CONGRATS to the littlest monster! You must be so proud. 😀

  9. Oh what lovely kiddies! They grow so fast, don’t they? Grandpa looks very proud as well.


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