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Monsters Strike Again

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[Today’s the last day of the Giveaway.]

Why do I call my daughters monsters?

A few years ago, I bought an AlphaSmart off eBay for $30. Then I underwent a grand search to find a cord that would work with my stupid laptop and spent way more than the original $30 trying to get a cord that would work. After weeks, I finally succeeded, but quite honestly, never used the Alphie that much. I much prefer my laptop.

Of course, the monsters loved it. They loved typing like mom. So I let them play with it. The Alphie was incredibly durable: they dropped it, carried it around to the car, and I think I even saw Middle Monster standing on it once.

Yesterday, they found my AlphaSmart outside. It’d been left outside several days ago. And it rained.

Little Alphie ain’t that durable.

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