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My Apologies

For the silence!  I’ve been so busy this month that my own blog has suffered.  I forget how stressful release month is.  Not just anxiously waiting on reviews to see how the book is getting accepted, but also the social media aspect.  I honestly don’t know that it helps sales, but I’ve done my best to keep my name and my books scattered about the blogosphere all month, hitting several new sites and hopefully making new friends.

Of course my old blog friends have been wonderfully intstrumental too, in reviewing and hosting guest posts and even sponsoring their own contests.  My huge thanks to every single one of you!

Life on the home front has been in turmoil as well.  That Man is starting a new career tomorrow, beginning with a five-week training course.  Until the training is done, we’re not sure where he’ll actually end up working, so it’s hard to prepare mentally.  We’re looking at the possibility of travel time, though, which will be a significant adjustment.  Lots of changes, some good and some difficult.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Meanwhile, Lady Blackmyre politely gave me a little time to get through Vicki’s release, but now she’s back and demanding resolution to her story.  I got up early this morning and worked through stage 1 of the big happy-ending smex scene.  Still have stage 2 and the finale to get through, but I’m closer!

Oh and I got a cool new idea that I’m building in Scrivener.  I’m stuck on names.  Names.  Names.  Gah, all the good ones are taken.  But I’m trying to get the mad rush of ideas down so I can start building it later this year.

After Lord Regret, of course.

Happy Memorial Day.  My thoughts and prayers are with all military families today.

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  1. Wishing you all the best on all fronts!

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