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My First Writers’ Retreat

It’s been a loooong time coming – but my Beloved Sis and I are finally getting together for a writing retreat next weekend at my Dad’s!  I’m taking off two days from work and taking the kids up Wed. night.  I know, not ideal, but I hope they’ll be so busy riding horses, etc. that I can still get a ton of things done.  Then Molly’s coming up for the weekend and we’ll laugh and talk and write ourselves silly.

We’re already making lists of what to bring, like coffee, Earl Grey tea, my milk frother, wine, duh!  But also bacon, cookies, Motrin, and of course my wrist braces.  Hopefully I’ll need them thanks to all the hard writing we get done!

We’ll be sitting out on the back deck with our laptops, listening to the cows, looking out over the rolling hills, drinking ice tea and watching the kids ride the fields.

I’m so stinking excited I can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “My First Writers’ Retreat

  1. Eeee! I can’t wait, either! It’s gonna be so much fun!

    1. Is it time yet? Huh? Huh? Now? Can we go now?

      1. Is it Friday yet? Is it SATURDAY yet? Make time go faster!!

  2. Jealous.

    That sounds so stinkin’ awesome!! Have fun you two!!

    1. I wish you were closer so you could join us!

  3. That sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time.

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