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NaNo Day 15, 16 and the Winner

It’s been a miserable few days. I caught some kind of stomach bug that’s had me very friendly with the bathroom for the last twenty four hours.  I didn’t have a single cup of coffee all day!  *shock*  I took the day off and was too weak and tired to do much more than watch the first four episodes of Castle (that’s Sis, for getting me hooked on another show!).  I barely did any writing at all, so now I’m good and behind, not just at NaNo but at work and around the house too.  Did I mention that we’re hosting Thanksgiving next week?  *dies*

Anyway, no counts today.  I’ll try to get a fresh total for tomorow and regroup.  I’m not sure if this novella is going to work or not — the perils of starting a new work in the middle of NaNo.

Now, for the winner of the Jenna Reynolds book:

Lianna Williamson!

Lianna, please drop me an e-mail (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com) with your desired format, and I’ll get your copy of Kiss of Honor.

Congrats again, Jenna, on yet another release!

4 thoughts on “NaNo Day 15, 16 and the Winner

  1. Bless your heart, Sis… but I’m totally not repentant about hooking up you with another show. Castle is WELL worth the effort!

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  3. Thanks, Joely! Hope you feel better and get back up to speed soon! Stomach bugs are no fun! Actually they are quite evil! 👿

  4. Woo-hoo! I won!

    E-mailing now. I have kind of a weird name on my yahoo account, so I’ll put both my name and Jenna’s in the subject line to help you sort it from spam. 🙂

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