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NaNo Day 2

Since I’m in the backstretch of Vicki, I just stuck with her today as long as the words were flowing.  It’s a MONSTER sex scene — the culmination of the entire book — so I wasn’t sure how well it would go today.  Sometimes the emotional scenes are the hardest to write.  I’m pleased to say that it’s going very well.  *knocks on wood*

I’m still tapping away sentence by sentence while we watch election results, but I’ll just count those tomorrow.  I’m so tired I doubt I’ll get much more done today.  Tomorrow, it’s back to the Evil Day Job.  I don’t have another day off until 11/8.

Tallies for the day:

Golden (short novella):  0 

Vicki:  5342

Phantom (target 30K, not started): 0

Miseryland (target 60K, not started): 0

Grand total for the day:  5,342

NaNoWriMo total:  10,911

Snippet:  This happens in the dark moment of the story (I told you I was close to the end!)  Elias has left and she hasn’t been able to get him on the phone.  When she hears that a cop was gunned down in the street, she calls his partner to make sure he’s okay.  Warning:  some language.  Vicki is pissed!

“Is Elias dead?”

“What?  No.  Why…”

“We heard the news.  A cop died on a drug bust, and he won’t answer the phone.  Colby, don’t lie to me.  I need to know if he’s okay.”

“Vicki, no, I wouldn’t lie to you.  Hold on.” 

She heard low voices and the static of the radio.  Was that Elias’s voice?  She couldn’t be sure.  It was too muffled.  That son of a bitch.  If he was sitting there, too afraid to get on the phone and deal with her himself… 

She yelled into the phone, “Is Elias dead?  Damn it, he’d better be dead if he won’t answer his phone.  He’d better be lying dead in the street with a crater blown in his skull to scare me like this.  I’ve been calling him all day and then hear that a cop is dead and he won’t answer his fucking phone?”

“Vicki, it’s me.  I’m fine.”

Elias.  She dropped her head against the fridge.  She would have slid to the floor if Jesse didn’t hold her up.  “You son of a bitch.  I thought you were dead.  I thought they killed you.”

“I’m sorry, babe.  I didn’t know the news had broken already or I would have answered.  I just didn’t think beyond…well…”

“You didn’t want to talk to me,” she replied in a flat, dead voice.  “Fine.  I get it.  You don’t have the balls to talk to me.  You don’t love me enough to work things out.  That’s okay.  I was wrong, I guess.  I was wrong about everything.” 

3 thoughts on “NaNo Day 2

  1. Awesome snippet. I’m not Nanoing this year, so I’m here to cheer you on. 😀

  2. Love your snippets. Yay on the wordage. You are seriously rocking NaNo!

  3. Awesome progress and snippets! And I love the news about Vicki. I’ve been waiting to read her story for ages! 😀

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