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NaNo Day 23

I “finished” the dream sequence from hell, only to find Shannari standing outside the Tenth Camp, needing to see some people inside very badly indeed.  Whew, some rough stuff is going on, both emotionally and physically.  Shannari’s never been this shaken and scared before.  NEVER.

Today: 3,083 4368 and counting.  Yes, I’m still going.  I’ve caught the na’kindre and I’m riding it as long as possible.  Just brewed another pot of coffee (10:30 pm.)  All dream sequence is finished; Mykal section upcoming.

NaNo Total: 55,394 56,679

Snippet:  In the first part of the Dream, she’s conversing with the Black Dragon, who took the form of a desert savage.  After a small disagreement *snort* she has him pinned flat on his back while she threatens a very delicate part of his body.

“Why not turn to me, brightheart?  Why not let me give you the solace you deserve after so much suffering?”

“Shut your filthy mouth, blackheart” she ground out, shaking with fury.  “The Gods have a purpose that we can never possibly understand.”

He stared up at her, his eyes shining in the moonlight.  Shadows peeled back enough for her to almost see his face.  High forehead and cheekbones created valleys of shadows where his silver eyes gleamed.  “I, too, have a purpose, brightheart, and I assure you, I refuse to fail this time.”

“You bring the tals to kill me.”

“Not at all.  They come to capture the White Dragon and sacrifice her into the flaming pit of Agni, He Who Burns.  If you die beforehand, none of us will be named azi’Keldar.”

“And you?”  She retorted, squeezing his balls again.  Her talons bit too deeply.  The scent of blood wafted up from his body, mingled with sandalwood and desert.  Lady help her, her mouth watered at the thought of licking that blood away.  Her teeth ached to sink into him.  “Why do you come?”

He laughed.  “You know why.  Or will you come first, brightheart?  Your roses are nigh on fire.”

Strategy.  Politics.  She could ignore the temptation of his body and blood if she kept her mind on the game.  “If any of your savages harm my people, my soldiers will ride you down like dogs.”

“You don’t have enough soldiers to stop us from burning a path of destruction across those Green and Beautiful Lands all the way to your Shining Walls.”

He was absolutely right.  She’d seen the massive Keldari encampment.  She shuddered at the images of burning villages, helpless screaming people mowed down by whooping savages swinging long sickle blades on all sides.  “The Shining Walls won’t burn, they won’t fall, they’ll never allow you into Shanhasson.”

Suddenly, he pushed himself harder onto her talons.  His breath hissed out with pain, but his eyes burned, his scent dark and inviting.  “Then I’ll fly over the Shining Walls to reach you.”

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