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NaNo Day 29

I made it official: 

It’s been slow going the last few days.  I’ve been working on the same agonizing (nagging) scene for an eternity, or so it seems, but at least I have touched it every single day.  Finally on the road back and forth to Granny’s (my mom) today, I finally reached a good stopping point.  I need to change POV — I’m sick of being in Shannari’s head — but Dharman has nothing to add right now.  So I don’t know what goes here, and quite honestly, I don’t care.  I can fix this later.

What’s really troubling me is the big showdown in Shanhasson.  I have an enemy advancing hard and fast from the west, bringing a Black Dragon that Shannari only knows from Dreams.  Whether the Black will prove lover or deadly foe, yet, I have no idea.  Meanwhile, I have the Sha’Kae al’Dan galloping at all speed from the Plains to answer her Call.  AND, I have a hidden agenda inside Shanhasson that plans to take advantage of the overt conflicts to stage a coup.  The latter thread is basically non-existent right now.  I’ve hinted, and I know who the main plotter is, but I need a twist, a surprise, and I don’t know what it is.  I figured I’d learn it at the right time, and then go back and drop the little trail of bread crumbs that are missing right now.

So all these threads are converging at a hard gallop, and I HAVE NO IDEA how it all plays out.  Oh, I have feelings, a bit of a scene here and there, and I know the basic RESULT.  I just don’t know how it all plays out and where all the cards will fall.  What will force Shannari’s hand into allowing her greatest enemy inside the Shining Walls?  Will the Black Dragon be redeemed or not? 

This is the heart of the story.  All three books have been leading to this moment.  The Trinity’s story plays out one final time in Shanhasson.  Black, Red, White.  One always dies to pay the final sacrifice.  Who will it be this time?

Or can I find a way to save them all?

Meanwhile, we watched Hancock last night with mixed results.  I absolutely LOVED parts of it.  I despised other parts.  That movie is still bothering me, and I know it’s going to influence what I have planned out in Shanhasson.  Black and White are always drawn to each other, and nearly always die once they come together.  This is my chance to make it right, and I assure you, Shannari plays a much more crucial role than “I’m so much stronger than you but I’m not going to lift a finger to protect anyone, but simply live out my happy little life with my family,” Mary Embrey.  What a disappointment.

Accumulated new words in current scene: 1,929

NaNo Total:  65,904

Snippet:  Still nagging.  Sigh.  But here’s a sentence that cracks me up.

“You may take me at the bottom of the pool until I drown for all I care.”

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  1. Very cool icon, and well deserved. 😀

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