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NaNo Day 37

Whew, the logistics of this relationship are going to KILL me.  :shock: :mrgreen:

I finally finished this scene, but it literally took off and on all day.  I went searching through my playlist to come up with some new music.  I still love Nickelback, but I needed something more.  I ended up using Music of the Night and Nessun Dorma by Paul Potts.  Man, his voice gives me chills, and that’s exactly what I needed for this scene. 

I’ve got two alphas circling each other, trying to decide if they can work together.  Or maybe they should just kill each other and save themselves the trouble.  The only problem, of course, is dealing with her broken heart later, and so the uneasy pacing continues.  This is the true “Dancing the Blades” that must happen, not the challenge with rahke and scimitar.

Today:  1,937

NaNo:  80,540!!  Yeehaw.  But where is THE END?  Nowhere in sight, I say.  Sigh.

Snippet:  Oooh, hard one.  There’s not much at all that I can share, but this is exactly what I mean about loving to watch the afterglow fade only to realize that everything is much, much worse than before. 

Mykal hadn’t broken her skin, not even when they’d all been vulnerable, and he’d endured pain to give her pleasure.  The mighty dragon had taken a position of weakness, on his back, throat and belly exposed.  Even with her delicate throat in his jaws, he hadn’t hurt her.

The Keldari honestly and truly loved her.

So why, then, did Dharman’s stomach feel like he’d swallowed a belly full of cold, vicious rahkes?

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