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NaNo Day 4

(I owe you a post declaring the winner of the gorgeous P&P handbag, and I also have a review to share.  Tomorrow, I promise!)

Late, and I didn’t get nearly as much done today.  I had a hard time concentrating.  Imagine that, after finally finishing Vicki!

I knew it would be tough today.  Finishing a book is always an extreme high, and then naturally, a crash follows.  I didn’t want to do much of anything tonight but watch scary movies now that we have Netflix instant streaming working on the monsters’ Wii.  However, I didn’t want to totally lose steam, so I kept Golden open all night and finally scratched out a word or two.

Golden: 1432

Phantom: 0

Miseryland: 0

Day’s Total:  1432

NaNoWriMo Total:  14432

Snippet:  This is from Golden, the short novella I’m working on, a sort of secret project.  *oops* 

She did not need to explain the intricacies of political power to me.  The Emperor would find it difficult to dispose of her quietly without causing his three strongest rivals for the throne to unite against him in rebellion.  I’d known before I ever set foot in the Forbidden City that he needed his Empress to hold his throne.  Any overt action against her would require his immediate and forceful retaliation.

But her intentions against me were not nearly so limited.

She watched me with narrowed eyes dark with intent.  Poison waited on this table.  I could almost smell it.  She’d eaten the pastry but neglected to drink her tea, but that told me nothing.  If she’d used the same poison she’d used to kill Ping’s mother, then she could have simply ingested the antidote prior to coming to my room.

The same as I had done. 

Yet the risk tightened like a noose about my neck.  If I’d assumed incorrectly and she’d used some other poison…

Courage.  I cannot protect my son if I’m unable to make a decision for fear of making a mistake. 

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  1. Knowing a bit about this story…can I just say awesome addition of intrigue…puts me more firmly in the heroine’s corner.

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