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NaNo Day 40

*Staggers with weariness*

Phase 1 nagging complete.  Still have Phase 2 to go.  *dies*  *laughs*

I had a wonderful time chatting with Kait tonight.  Hopefully we can do that again soon.  I don’t sign on to IM very often because whoa, can I lose a lot of time chatting.  But it was worth it to talk shop for a while.   Then I needed to look up something from Survive My Fire re: Keldari ritual, and damn it all to the Three Hells if I didn’t read the whole thing again.  Ah, Jalan, the stone warrior, and Chanda the White, such a vicious dragon.

But I finally crawled back into Story with Shannari and Mykal to finish the deed.  It needs much work later, but the bones are down.  Moving on.

Today: 1,059

NaNo: 86,382

Snippet:  I think this is hilarious knowing exactly how Shannari got that old mark.  Talk about an arse competition. 

Mykal rolled so hard and fast the air slammed out of her.  Dazed, she instinctively tried to throw him off.  The White Dragon clawed inside her, furious that the Black had pinned her, but he wouldn’t be denied.  He trapped her flat on her stomach with a hand behind her head and the weight of his shoulders against her thighs.

“What a beauty,” he purred, rubbing his cheek against the old scar in her buttock.  “Who gave this to you?  Your young Red?”

“Nay,” Dharman replied, his voice soft but his tone ringing.  “If it were my mark, my rahke would be in your heart.”

“My Khul.”  Lady above, the Keldari was heavy and strong.  Her ribs ached.  “Get off me, Mykal.”

“Make me.”  He swiped his tongue over the scar and she twitched, struggling helplessly beneath him.  “Did you mark the horse king the same way?”

“Yes.”  Irritated, she tried to push him away with jealousy.  “As I did Gregar and Sal.”

He laughed and gripped her teasingly.  “Ah, you like a man’s backside.” 

“Only truly remarkable ones,” she threw back at him.

“Now, now, there’s no need to insult your First Red.  I’m sure he’s not pleased that you find him lacking.”

She tried to kick the bastard but she could get her heel back far enough.  “I never said such a thing!” 

“Then why doesn’t he wear your mark on his buttock?  Is he that unremarkable?  He looks big enough to impress you, but then again, looks are often deceiving.”

Fury darkened the Silver Lake inside her.  “Don’t try to make him jealous.  I love him without question.”

“I know, brightheart.”  The sudden despair and longing aching in his voice filled her eyes with tears.  “You can’t help but love him.”

When he sank his teeth hard into that muscle, her emotions crashed from sympathy back to rage.  Twisting in his grip, she swiped at his throat.  Blood welled in long, vicious stripes across his neck and shoulder. 

Her nails glistened, long and curved like dragon talons. 

“Dharman!”  She screamed.  “I killed him!”

3 thoughts on “NaNo Day 40

  1. I IM most days with my friend Melissa. Since she’s a writer, most of our conversations center around writing and Daniel Craig.

    Look at that word count! Awesome writing.

  2. :mrgreen: MORE Violent Nagging!

  3. ‘S what he gets for messing with another man’s mark. If he’d tried to mess with Gregar’s, the Shadowed Blood would have come back from the grave to slice Mykal’s throat himself.

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