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NaNo Day 47

The creeping crud has attacked.  I only got a little over 100 words this morning before starting work, and every single one was like pulling teeth.  Worse, my energy levels dropped in a death spiral through the afternoon.  I wasn’t even tempted by the Bright Shiny.

Really all I want to do is curl up with a good book, but other than contest reading, I’ve sworn not to read any fiction for pleasure until Return is done.  (Contest reading I still have 2 more to go.)

All is not lost.  I pushed to get at least notes down for how these next scenes play out.  A few things clarified in my mind.  I’m technically off from the Evil Day Job until 12/26, but will likely be checking in quite frequently at least through Monday.  Hopefully I can get caught up on my rest, drink a lot of OJ, and grind through the rest of this book before Christmas.

Today:  459

NaNo Total:  94,124

Snippet:  Everything I wrote was crap today, but that’s okay.  It’s progress toward “the end.”  To prove that I leave [notes to myself] this is the “fight scene” I wrote today that will need to be entirely rewritten. 

As she watched, the two fighters reminded her more and more of dragons.  The wicked curved blade was a claw, perfect for eviscerating the dragon’s prey or slicing open its throat.  The shorter blade was a tooth, perfect for puncturing a vein and spraying blood, or slipping beneath armor to sever a joint or spine.

[there’s telling here but I’m not inspired to write a fight scene right now.  Watch Mummy 3 for inspiration.  Showcase Mykal’s skill.  They don’t fight for blood like the Sha’Kae al’Dan do — they fight to kill.  So lots of graceful flow, strike, but then a hesitation, drawing back of a blade that would have beheaded the opponent.]

Breathing only slightly more rapidly than usual, Mykal crossed his arms over his chest, weapons held aloft, and bowed to her.


4 thoughts on “NaNo Day 47

  1. Hope you feel better soon. And yay on having no EDJ until after Christmas. I’m leaving Sunday for a week in Florida. :mrgreen:

  2. Oh no! It seems everyone is sick this week. Best get it over with now before the holiday, I guess. I hope you feel better. 🙂

  3. Hope you feel better – I have some sort of sinus thing that’s making it hard to see straight at the moment (driving home should be interesting)… and it better go away by Sunday, when *I* head for a week in Florida, or I’m going to borrow Mykal to whoop some viral/bacterial/crud butt! :mrgreen:

  4. Ah, sorry to hear you are sick.

    I’ve been reading like a banshee lately because I will have to do some contest reading very soon. I got notice my GH entries are in the mail. This takes fortitude.

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