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NaNo Day 8

Weekends.  I never know how much writing I’ll sneak in between errands, family time, and cleaning.  Ugh.  I hate cleaning.  I really would like a wife of my own.  Anyway, we did run around town most of the day, but while the monsters took their baths, I crammed in some writing.  I’m still working on the current section, but I thought I’d go ahead and get my update in for the day.

Today:  1802

NaNo total:  18,079


“You will continue to guard while I sleep as you’ve done every other night.”

Dharman might be years younger, but the dark look in his eyes sent chills down her spine.  Muscles tensing for all-out battle, she couldn’t deny the uncoiling heat in her belly, either. 

“Why would you fear taking two Blood to your bed, Khul’lanna?  If you tell me to lie with you and do nothing but breathe and guard your sleep, then that is exactly what I shall do.  Even Sal would keep his hands to himself unless specifically invited to be more than Blood.”

“There’s no need–”

“Great Vulkar!”  Dharman jerked away, his shoulders corded, eyes flashing in the candlelight.  “You give me so little, Khul’lanna.  The least you can do is give me the truth!”

3 thoughts on “NaNo Day 8

  1. Mmmmmmm, delicious snippet! That’s good progress for a weekend w/kids/house/etc too! I was shooting for 3000 Saturday, got around 2200 and I’m calling it good. 😀

    And I swear I’m going to hire somebody to clean bathrooms and vaccuum/mop. I just can’t take it anymore…. ❗

  2. I keep telling my family that the first thing I’m going to do when I start making money with my writing (I can dream, right?) is hire a Merry Maid. Unfortunately while they evidently will clean just about anything, they don’t pick up. Which is half of my problem. 🙂
    Congrats on the word count, you’re seriously rockin’ on this challenge. Great snippet.

  3. Girl, you are totally keeping me motivated. With my husband being out of town this past week, I’ve been finding it hard to have the energy to write. But every time I’d check the NaNo site and saw your progress, I got a boot of motivation.

    So thank you!! :mrgreen:

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