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NaNoWriMo: Day 16

The day started out really slow.  I had a brief session semi-Dark & Early, and then after the Evil Day Job while waiting on dinner to cook (Princess Monster has guitar lessons on Monday so we eat pretty late).  When I came downstairs to do the dishes, I only had a tad over 1K.

I went back upstairs after dinner and proceeded to goof off on Twitter.  Conn wanted to look up some poetry for some Twitter buddies, which is always fun and engrossing.  I guess I should have shut down my internet, but I was smiling and happy when I finally sat down to write, instead of grim and determined.  While watching Monday Night Football, I kept whittling away at the scene, determined to break 2K for the day.

When I pasted my day’s work into the NaNo file, I had not only hit 2K, but realized I needed less than 200 words to break 30K for NaNo.  Of course, that was a challenge I could not refuse!  So back to Victor and I eeked out a few more paragraphs.

NaNoWriMo total:  30,001 words

Victor:  up to 49,946.  Now you’d think I would be determined to keep going until I broke 50K here, but I do have 50K already.  I have a side file started for some future “dark moment” notes, a couple of blog entries I’m still debating, and a long talk with Mama Connagher.  So I don’t feel pressured to keep going for another 54 words tonight!  My wrists are pretty sore (I played a game of Bejeweled tonight with my laptop touchpad and almost cried they were so sore!), so I’m calling it quits for the night. 

Since Victor is picking up a little, I might try to get a bit in Deathright tomorrow after I complete at least 1666 words for him.

Snippet:  Written tonight, unedited.  Victor is NOT pleased. 

Rage pulsed so dark and ugly through him that he trembled.  He’d never bound her, and now another would do it and make him watch.  He closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing, instead of ripping that damned rack apart with his bare hands and dragging Shiloh upstairs where he would bind her.  Where he would punish her within an inch of her life.  Where he’d make savage love to her until she never again even thought to invite another Dominant to lay a hand on her.

Something touched his knee and he flinched, his eyes flying open.  Shiloh huddled at his feet, her forehead pressed to his leg.  “Forgive me, Master V.  Give me the order and I’ll refuse.  We’ll re-film the entire episode.  And I’ll endeavor to watch everyone’s food selections instead of daydreaming about what I could do under the table with such a full-length cloth to hide me.”

Some of the turmoil shredding his gut faded.  He heard the sincerity in her voice.  By the catch in her throat, she might actually be near tears.  Silently, he laid his hand on her head, rubbing his fingers against her scalp.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Yes you did.”  He sighed out a long breath but kept his fingers gentle on her head.  “I’m assuming Mal helped you plan this out?”

“She said it would be risky,” Shiloh admitted.  She twisted her head so she could look up at his face.  “Are you very angry?”

“Yes.  And I’m going to be much angrier after I have to sit here and watch Patrick ogle my sub while he whips you.”

 Her eyes were dark and solemn.  “Am I yours?” 

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 16

  1. Conn wrote poetry on twitter? Huh? 😉
    Congrats on the word count! I always find it so amazing how writers can actually write so much! I always have to struggle to get more than 500 words in a review.LOL So the world can be lucky that I don’t want to be a writer.
    Loved the snippet!

  2. I love the snippet too, but am also curious about Conn on Twitter. “Huh?” is right. Mr. “I-hate-email” on Twitter??

  3. Conn thinks you guys are hilarious, because he doesn’t know Twitter from a hole in the ground.

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