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NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Back to Victor, with pretty good progress today.  The scenes are a little choppy but nothing I can’t smooth in revision.  The bones are there and that’s all I need right now.  After getting my quota for Victor, my reward is a few minutes in DEATHRIGHT before stumbling off to bed.  I’ll update this post tomorow with whatever words I might get.

Today:   2,088

Victor:  33,518

Deathright:  (rolled to day 3 count – not enough to matter)

NaNoWriMo Total:  5,821

Snippet:  Since I’ve been doing Friday Snippets in Victor, I don’t want to skip too far ahead to today’s words and mess up your timeline.  So I’ll give you a bit of Deathright.  This follows the opening section I showed you yesterday.

This woman might be dressed in the manner of the fine ladies of the Imperial Royal Court, but she possessed the courage of a Matriarch.  If only she possessed the same honor, then he might indeed be prepared to deal with her.  “Release me from these bonds so we may negotiate the terms of our agreement.”

Lady Araknae stared back at him coolly, but her hands betrayed her.  Shaking, she brushed absently at the spotless skirts of her gown.  Her skin was nearly as white as the fine linen, flawless, smooth, and flecked with delicate gold.  Glossy black hair coiled her head in a tight braid, while piercing turquoise eyes ringed with indigo searched his face, measured the width of his shoulders, and assessed the bulk of his body.  He did not need the tightening of her mouth and the increased pallor of her face to tell him what she thought of his appearance.

The silken taste of her skin lingered on his tongue, sharp with fear, bitter with instinctive revulsion, and yet as controlled as any experienced soldier.  She was afraid but determined and possessed a formidable intelligence dark with secret knowledge.  Horror roiled there in the secret recesses of her mind.  She knew something so dreadful that she was prepared to abandon her family, her country, and every privilege she’d enjoyed as a wealthy and titled citizen of Britannia to keep that knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.

With such knowledge, perhaps the Matriarch can recover our independence by striking down the very Empire which destroyed us.

Lady Araknae stepped around the table behind him and entered the codes that released the bonds chaining him in place.  He exploded up out of the chair and jumped to the wall away from the door.  With his fists and fangs at the ready, he held his breath, waiting for the door to fly open.

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  1. :mrgreen: Oh yes, already this looks like its going to be a very promising read when its done.

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