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NaNoWriMo: Day 3

This morning, I started in DEATHRIGHT since that’s where my mind was after the “reward” last night, and then tonight, I buckled down for the real work in Victor.  All in all, a nice productive day, and I have notes sketched out for both stories to cover me another day or so.

That’s key for me:  when I have 10-15 minutes down time waiting on dinner (or the coffee pot!), I jot notes.  Tonight, I realized I needed to explore a secondary character for whom I knew nothing but his name.  In a matter of minutes, I came up with a nice backstory for him that will hopefully add depth and enrich the story.

Today:  2,382

Deathright: 8,203

Victor: 34,454

NaNoWriMo Total:  8,261

Snippet:  Continuing from last section of DEATHRIGHT.

Long seconds went by without interruption.

“I want to see your ship, Captain Zang.  I’m most curious about your Razari engines.”

“Of course, my lady.”  He inclined his head as he’d been taught.  During basic training, all conscripted species were civilized with a blast of electric shock fierce enough to stop their hearts until they showed the proper respect for their betters.  “Allow me to escort you.”

He held out his arm as though he were a gentleman asking permission to escort his lady to the ball.  Head high, she lightly laid her fingers on his forearm.  The door whooshed open and they stepped outside.

“My lady!”  The robot-man sounded as shocked and horrified as though his lady had been mauled and eaten alive.  “Do you need assistance?”

Although the mech was nearly as tall as Zang, the woman on his arm managed to peer down her nose at the soldier.  “Not at all.”

The mech blocked the hallway.  Zang tensed, automatically cataloguing the soldier’s weapons.  Two long, steel barrels lined the mech’s right arm, each carrying six explosives strong enough to collapse an entire wing of this structure.  On his hip, he wore a smaller revolver more appropriate for individual targets.  One shot from that seemingly insignificant gun would be powerful enough to short out Zang’s nervous system for hours.  If the mechs were armed with nanobots…

Zang let out a long hiss of aggression.  If he lays a single finger on the revolver, I’ll rip his throat out.

“What is your designation, soldier?”  Lady Araknae barked in a voice that stiffened the mech’s spine.  “Must I remind you that I am the Duchess of Araknae’s sole heir and that I also sit on the Board of Directors, carrying a dozen degrees in the sciences, the same as my esteemed father, General Lizbonne?  You are interfering with my research, sir!”  She tapped several commands into her datapad, peering at the soldier’s number plate.  “I ought to have you wiped on the spot.”

“Forgive me!”  Babbling, the mech scrabbled out of her way, cupping his once-human hand over his identification number.  “Excuse me, my lady.  I merely wished to protect you.  Do continue your research.” 

She sniffed loudly and marched down the hallway.  Beneath her breath, she whispered, “Keep your head down.  Try to look like you’re afraid of me, not like you’re going to eat your way out of here.”  Raising her voice, she sighed heavily.  “Bloody hell, Captain, how much farther is it?”

Slouching, Zang lumbered forward and opened the door for her.  Sweeping his arm awkwardly, he bowed low.  “Docking station A9, my lady.”

With long, proud strides, she stomped down the hallway, skirts rustling and swooshing from side to side.  Scientists and soldiers alike jumped out of her way, bowing and scraping with hardly a glance to Zang, who did his best to cringe along in her wake.  Sweat trickled down his back and his fangs ached.  He knew his eyes were dangerously slitted, for his spine burned, his skin tight to the point of tearing open to loose the dreadful monster he carried inside.

If the lady thinks I’m repulsive in this form, she ought to see the nightmare I’ll become.

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