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NaNoWriMo2011 Day 4

Another slow day but I kept chiseling bit by bit until I cleared over 1800 words.  I was hoping to break 10K but I just ran out of gas.  Tomorrow for sure.

Emotions are building.  The first kiss is just around the corner.  What’s hilariously ironic — I don’t have any of this part plotted.  It just happened and I like it, so I’m keeping it.

NaNoWriMo count:  9,130 words

Snippet:  I ADORE THIS SCENE.  It’s hilarious and wonderful the way the heroine tricks the hero to get what she wants.  Unfortunately, this scene is rather long for snippets and I don’t want to give *everything* away.  So I’ll pick a few fun pieces to give you an idea of the direction.

He allowed a smug smile to flicker on his lips, deliberately trying to antagonize her.  “I hope your meal lives up to my expectations.”

She smiled back at him, amusement glittering in her eyes.  “My food will exceed your wildest dreams.”

“What’s on your menu, then?”

“Roasted butternut squash soup, followed by shepherd’s pie.”

He arched a brow at her and curled his lip with even more disdain.  “Peasant fare.”

She leaned forward slightly and lowered her voice to a husky timber that made his body harden with interest.  “Delicious peasant fare.  I caramelized the squash in the  oven and roasted the garlic until it’s sweet and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.”

The tip of her tongue teased the corner of her lips, and he swore she gave a little sigh of pleasure.  She gripped the snifter of dark amber liquid in front of her, stroking her fingers over the glass until he had to shift in his seat.

“The ground lamb is lean and browned, yet not dry.  Rich gravy flavored with wine, carrots, fresh rosemary.  Topped with whipped mashed potatoes rich with real cream and butter.”

She let out a long, slow breath and raised the glass to her lips.  He’d filled her glass with a healthy dash of Metaxa Private Reserve, not waiting to see if she could stomach such liquor or not.

She threw it back with practiced ease, her eyes falling shut.  Licking her lips, she gave him a smoldering smile and set the glass back down.  “And I haven’t even gotten to dessert yet.”

Oh yes she had.  The Metaxa made her already sensual voice rough and deep.

When the bowl suddenly appeared in front of him, he jumped, shaken out of the sensual web she’d woven about him by the arrival of the first course.  Dmitri served them himself, and he gave a knowing wink before disappearing back into the kitchen.

Yiorgos scowled.


Eyes narrowed, he searched her face, his hackles rising.  The witch was cunning, he’d give her that.  She’d been weaving her magic since the first moment she’d walked in, dressed like a frumpy old maid but swaying her hips and wielding that husky drawl like a weapon.  Who knew what manner of spells she’d already cast against him?

He couldn’t even fire her.  She hadn’t signed the contract he’d drawn up yet, and she certainly hadn’t broken the filthy curse her father had thrown at him in desperation.  Assured of her powers, Yiorgos stoked the hope burning in his heart.  She will break the curse.  I will be free.  Then she can burn Remy’s down for all I care.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo2011 Day 4

  1. Eeeee! Soooo catchy! I may not be a foodie in the sexual sense, but even I’ve been known to talk about food with… intent. *wink*

    Awesome job here, Sis. Snazzy, steamy dialogue. Excellent description. Amusement. Just all around good times.

  2. Love it. Totally caught up in the web of story 😀

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