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Obsessions…And a Sneak Peek

My new favorite shows are Hoarders, Animal Hoarding, and Obsessed on A&E.  I find it so interesting — watching them is almost a compulsion for me.  I really want to write an OCD character some day, so I’m soaking in all these ideas.

Speaking of compulsions and ideas, I caught the middle of Curse of the Golden Flower a couple of weeks ago, and I ended up staying up way past my bedtime to watch it.  I loved it so much that I taped the next showing, and I’ve watched it at least four times.  It’s one of those movies that gives me chills when I watch it, like Phantom of the Opera and Gone with the Wind.  I absolutely adore Yun-Fat Chow as the Emperor.  It’s a rather twisted movie, but I still can’t. stop. watching. 

And yes, as always with the really good, powerful movies, I’ve been inspired with a new idea.  Today I finished up a short story that I plan to submit later this month.  In the meantime, here’s a little snippet of Curse of the Golden Eyes, an erotic BDSM twist on Tang Dynasty China.

Warning:  sexual content, BDSM, language

He struck me again and the flexible tip managed to wrap around my back and cut into the underside of my breast.  My breath hissed out.  That mark might have broken the skin.

“You disappoint me, Jin.”

Tears filled my eyes and I arched my back to offer more of my body for his blows.  “Please correct this consort, Your Majesty!”

“I desire your screams.”  He whispered but the violent intent darkened his voice like a naked steel blade.  “I desire you to plead for me to stop.  But I shall not stop, not even when you beg and weep.  I’m going to beat you bloody, until your throat is raw from screaming.  And then, lovely one, I’m going to f*ck you until you must be carried back to your rooms.”

His next blow crashed against my buttocks and I let the howl of pain escape my mouth.  I did not care how many servants and eunuchs crowded outside his chambers, listening and giggling with speculation.  I did not care that rumors would spread like wildfire through the palace.  I did not even care that I would be ostracized even more than the unwanted wife of the Crown Prince, for no one would dare insult me to my face for fear I would tell the Emperor every secret intrigue and malicious slight while beneath his lash. 

Red-hot pokers jabbed into my skin without mercy, and again, I did not care.  I welcomed the pain.  A beating always hurt, but every blow gave me another surge of lust, and yes, power.  My power.  I now shared this secret with the Son of Heaven.  I had given him something none of his other women had ever offered.  He might rule this land with an iron fist, but with each blow, he gave me the power to bring him to his knees.

Alrightie, back to Vicki and Phantom!  I’ve knocked off about 7K of my 30K goal this month.  Not as much as I’d like to have by now, but I’ll take it.

6 thoughts on “Obsessions…And a Sneak Peek

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  2. Yun-Fat Chow is the sexy. I can’t watch animal hoarding because it’s just too much. I do watch the other hoarding shows as sadly I probably am one although I don’t think i’m as bad as the people on those shows.

  3. Ohhhhh…now you made me curious. 😀

  4. Phantom…my all time favorite story and I don’t care what format, LOL. Have to watch Curse of the Golden Flower *g*

    And hey 7k isn’t all that bad, at least you’re writing whereas I am bogged down and can’t get a word written (and it has nothing to do with reading so I’m still — forever — your guinea pig).

  5. Dude, I like the way this new story is going. Sweet!

  6. Rawr! Very nice snippet…

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