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Organized, Who Me?

I’m trying to get more organized NOW instead of waiting until Jan.  I always start out the year well, but then get busy and lazy.  I work best when I make myself state weekly goals, and then reassess each week to see how all that panned out.  I’ve got so much to do that if I don’t keep a list and read it regularly, I simply forget.  I really hate spinning my wheels, too, so I’m going to work harder on keeping up on my calendar and to-do this month.  I’d like to get a lot of baking done with the girls this month, which I never seem to have time to do because I’m running around last minute Xmas shopping, finishing the NaNo novel, etc. 

I printed out 4 months worth of a calendar and used sticky notes to move projects around.  I’m sure it’ll change another time or ten before Jan (which is why I used sticky notes!) but at least I have a plan for now.

So far, Dec has been pretty productive.  I made one submission and returned Lady Wyre revisions to my editor today.  I also made a trip to the post office (you know how much fun that can be, especially in Dec!), but I didn’t get all mailings out yet.  I ran out of padded envelopes, but a trip to Sam’s Club resolved that!  I’ve got just a few more to drop in the mail.

This week, I need to access where I am with the new novella (Phantom) and brainstorm a bunch of new stuff for Lady Wyre (one of my favorite things to do).  While running through her edits this weekend, I took notes of all place names, character elements, and “backstory” mentions that I might need to remember for the prequel.  I’ve got one major event to figure out — namely, a faked death! — and then I can move on to plotting a new Lady Wyre novella, which will set up events for Seven Crows quite nicely.

Ah, I love it when a plan comes together, and I didn’t even know there was a plan. :shock:

After that….Vicki revisions!

5 thoughts on “Organized, Who Me?

  1. sounds like a good plan, good luck. i need to make a plan. 🙄
    p.s. i need your new addy. 😀

  2. Oy…baking, haven’t started that yet and usually I’m at it before Thanksgiving, LOL.

    Plans are good 😆 Good luck with yours!

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  4. Hurry up with the baking .Being unorganized is inherited. Ha

  5. Daddy Bob B is Papa from Mexico – my Dad! Welcome to the blog, Dad!

    You only want me to get busy baking so you can eat it all!

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