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Possible Victor prizes

Taking the idea of personalized charm for necklaces or bracelets, I wandered over to Etsy and found these wax seal silver stamps on a charm bracelet.   Is that something any of you would like to win from Victor?  Edited to add:  I also like this pendant.

I’m also thinking about ordering ink pens instead of bookmarks this time.  According to some survey I read a while ago, readers go to conferences and get tons of bookmarks, and they really prefer ink pens, mirrors, etc.   Useable things.  If any of you have ordered promo pens and can recommend a good company, please pass along your recs.

Otherwise, 10/5 is not far away.  *gnaws fingers to nubs*

4 thoughts on “Possible Victor prizes

  1. I love the charms! Would for sure enter that contest. Ink pens are awesome too. I am also in love with buttons

  2. Oooh the necklaces and charms look great, I would enter!

  3. I’d enter for either, as well. And I don’t even like jewelry, so you know they ain’t too shabby if they catch my attention!

  4. That charmed bracelet is gorgeous.
    And pens are pretty nice too! *g*

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