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Power 90 Round 2

I decided I’d better post this and make it public before I wimp out.

I’m going to do another round of Power 90, this time all at level 3/4.  Today was day 4 for me.  I only managed a handful of exercise days in May, so I decided I’d better get my fanny in gear and make a commitment.  This gives me a deadline of about the time the monsters head back to school this fall.

I’m a little behind where I was before RT but not bad at all.  I can still get through the cardio portion without having to stop, but I can’t quite do as many pushups.  Hopefully that’ll come back after a week or two.  I’ll probably need to move up in weights sometime in the first 30 days, but I’m not sure when.  I guess I’ll play it by ear.

I’m not traditionally very prolific in the dog days of summer, so I’m hoping the exercise commitment won’t interfere with heavy-duty writing.  I’m nearly finished with the first draft of Lady Blackmyre – just one more scene.  I could have finished it this evening after work, but we had two neighbor kids over and it was raining.  Five kids in the house.  Yeah, wasn’t happening.

Then I’ll have some edits I want to do on another story so I can decide what to do with it, and then I’ll grind through a second draft of Blackmyre so I can get it submitted in the next month or so.  I need to finish plotting Lord Regret’s story too.  Hopefully I can continue exercise while managing all my To-Dos.

I only need to lose a little over 16 pounds to hit my next major milestone.  Maybe this round of Power 90 will get me there!

4 thoughts on “Power 90 Round 2

  1. I am sure it will WHEN you stick with it. When. Not if. 🙂

    1. I’m just not sure if 90 days of Power 90 will help me lose 16 lbs – it might take longer. I only lost 14 in the first round. I’ll just have to see. I’ll definitely be stronger and fitter and leaner, whether I’ll lose my goal lbs or not!

  2. LOL, you have kids in the house while it’s raining at the same time I have kids in the house because we’re in triple digits. Sorry. That just cracks me up.

    You are so awesome about stating your goals then pushing forward toward them. I just know you’ll do fabulously with Power 90 whether you knockout those 16 pounds or not. I’m cheering you on…see me shaking the pom poms?

    Wishing you all the best with the writing! I’m always ready to devour a JSB story 😀

    1. Ditto to all of this!

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