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I’m still working on the blurb for the Maya fantasy.  It’s kicking my ass.  I’ve shredded each sentence, tossed it out, started over a dozen times.  How can three sentences be this hard?  Bah. 

Since the coffee stash was low, we ran up to Target tonight and I restocked my Caribou Coffee Mahogany.  I looooove that stuff.  Bought all the bags on the shelf (only 4 left — I’m ashamed to say how long that might last me).  Middle Monster needed some new crayons for school, so I decided to browse the notebooks.

It’s sort of a fetish of mine.  I adore notebooks, paper, pens, pencils.  Nothing makes me see red faster than when the monsters get into my stash of supplies.  (I am seriously tempted to put them under lock and key.  Errr, the supplies, not the monsters.  Honest.)  Target had some gorgeous notebooks and matching folders.  Staring at them, I felt…

A twinge.  An itch in the back of my brain.  A tingle in my fingers. 

I needed those notebooks for a story.  Not sure which one yet, but the color and patterns really spoke to me.  One is mostly blue with some brown, and the other has brown, blue, and orange patterns all over it.  Not my normal color selection (hint, look around at all the black and red here on the blog) but when the Muse speaks, I listen.

*Gregar’s now laughing his arse off* 

*the smug bastard had better get over here and help me with my @#&%$* blurb!!*

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