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Prison Break: Escape from Yahell

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*pppssst. Yeah, you. I’m making a break for it. Next week. Over the wall. Under the wall. I don’t care!*

I’ve been talking with Deena and she’s going to help me with my jail break from yahell hosting. The bad news: I’ll be losing this blog’s 4+ years of entries. The good news: the domain will stay the same and everything will be in MY (or Deena’s) control, not theirs.

Did you know that yahell turns off the WordPress Export feature? Yeah. I can’t export my own blog or my blogroll. Over the next few days, I’ll be capturing a few of my favorite posts and backing up my blogroll by hand. Sometime next week, we’ll make the domain transfer and the website will go down for a few days. I could try to do a MySQLdb backup, but I decided it’s just not worth the work. In some ways, it’ll be nice to make a clean break and begin anew.

If you need to reach me, you can use joelysueburkhart AT instead until the transfer is complete.

I’ll continue posting here through the weekend and then post another FYI on Monday about the transfer. Then I’ll see you on the flip side with a brand new blog theme! (That I couldn’t install on yahell because of my old WP release that they so kindly “automatically” manage for me. In talking with Deena, we agreed that’s probably why I got hacked too. I’m on an incredibly old release.)

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